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10 Ways To Tell If Your Partner is Cheating On You

Posted on July 27, 2015 by Trinity Rose


Is Your Partner Cheating on you? 

Here are 10 Ways to Tell if Your Partner is Cheating

It is a sad reality that in many relationships there comes a time when infidelity rears its ugly head.

Getting an answer as to whether it is truly happening or is only suspected unjustly can be the first step in moving forward. Consider these ten common indicators if you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful.

#1: A Change in Routine

If your partner has had a sudden change from normal habits and routines, this may be a red flag.

If he or she has always left for work and returned from work at the same time each day, always picked up the dry cleaning or the take out at the same time from the same place, and has just generally been Mr. or Mrs.

Predictable, but suddenly is coming home late, leaving early or seemingly on a different schedule, it may be worth looking into and asking some careful questions.

#2: An Increased Need for “Alone” Time or Privacy

Is your partner suddenly going for short walks alone, finding flimsy excuses to run errands alone or working on projects behind a closed door that would previously have been open? That may be a sign that you should pay attention to.

This “alone time” could be an opportunity to call someone or even meet up with him or her. Insisting that you go along with your partner on some of these errands or walks and monitoring his or her reaction, may be a useful way to find out if he or she is cheating.

Does your partner become extremely agitated and annoyed that you want to be included as if you are disrupting plans? If so, this could signal infidelity.

#3: A Change in Appearance

If your partner was always a couch potato but now is suddenly a gym rat and making an effort to lose weight or build muscle seemingly out of nowhere, this could be a sign of cheating.

The same goes for a sudden change in hair or clothing style.

Often when a person feels that they have a new person to impress rather than their partner who they may take for granted, these kinds of changes occur. If you suspect that this may be the case, ask your partner about their newfound interest in fitness or the trendy new haircut.

Is his or her response reasonable? Does it make sense to you or is he or she defensive? The answer may tell you what you need to know.

#4: New Interests

Is your partner who always loved classical music suddenly into punk?

Does the person who always hated cold weather now have a sudden passion for winter sports?

The development of new interests can signal the entry of a new person into his or her life. Again, it is important to explore whether this is just a strange phase or something more.

#5: Changes in Your Sex Life

Changes in the bedroom can also be a telltale sign of an affair, and not just an absence of sexual contact, but an increase or a request for something new or a different way of performing can signal a problem as well.

Any changes that seem unusual to you should be questioned and considered carefully.

#6: Hiding Phones or Computer History

In this day and age, technology abounds and is one of the most common ways that cheaters get caught.

If your partner is being unfaithful, you may see the sudden appearance of password protection on his or her phone or laptop or you may notice that he or she keeps the phone with them at all times, rarely leaving it unattended.

If you were to open it up, perhaps all text or chat messages have been deleted, whereas previously they might have been kept in the history. You may see apps installed to allow for untraceable chatting that you didn’t even realize he or she had downloaded.

He or she may even try to intercept phone bills that may show excessive text messages or calls to a number you don’t recognize. Technology has made it easier for cheaters to keep their secrets, but also easier to get caught. Keeping an eye on your partner’s technology habits may be the key to discovering infidelity if it exists.

#7: Strange Financial Transactions

Affairs can cost money. If your partner is suddenly taking more cash out of the bank account without explanation, this may be cause for concern. He or she could be using cash to pay for dates with, or gifts for, a new interest.

If he or she is less careful, you may see unusual charges for activities, meals or items on bank or credit card statements. Taking a careful look at your finances can reveal whether you have something to worry about or if your suspicions are unfounded.

#8: Unexplained Anxiety

Keeping a secret the size of an affair could take a toll on your partner’s nerves.

If he or she suddenly seems as though they are constantly looking over one shoulder, is having bouts of insomnia, or is just generally out of sorts with no other obvious explanation, some questions may be in order.

#9: Irritability

This one goes hand in hand with the last. The pressure of having an affair, keeping it private and managing so many secrets can cause mood swings that are unpredictable and unpleasant.

If your partner suddenly seems defensive or irritable when approached with simple questions or concerns, you should consider investigating more.

#10: Impulsivity

Despite being nerve-wracking, the thrill of having a secret and of having someone new in your life can also cause a newfound sense of excitement.

A partner who is cheating may suddenly be acting like the boyfriend or girlfriend he or she was in college, rather than the middle-aged mom or dad of today.

There may be a sudden desire to engage in risky adrenaline fuelled behaviour that is just a spill over from an affair.

No one of these signs alone is an indicator that your partner is cheating and shouldn’t be assumed to be, but a combination of a few along with your gut feeling that something may not be right can be genuine cause for concern.

If you suspect your partner is unfaithful, ask some questions and gather information before you make wild accusations with nothing to back them up.

If you do find something worth confronting, take care not to lose control and to communicate with your partner in as open, honest and firm a way as possible given the circumstances.  You can consult a love psychic today to help you identify if you are with a cheating partner.   A soulmate reading can also give you the same kind of guidance from a spiritual context to help you understand if a soulmate connection is present and how to deal with the connection.  By obtaining a psychic reading with our gifted psychics you may find the answers you were looking for to bring you peace and empowerment to help you deal with this situation moving forward.


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