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To Let Go Of Your Soulmate – 15 Reasons: Number 9 Is A Must

Posted on June 30, 2018 by Psychic Ruby

To Let Go Of Your Soulmate – 15 Reasons - Number 9 Is A Must

To let go of your soulmate – “Quote: Eventually soul-mates meet, for they have the same hiding place.”

 Soulmate relationships are tough and to let go of your soulmate is especially hard.  When you love someone you want to be with, and for no reason you just don’t understand or agree with, they end it.  The longer you have been in the soulmate relationship, the more difficult it is to let go of your soulmate.

When soulmate relationships are formed, to let go of your soulmate can be devastating.  When you love and care for a soulmate beyond this physical realm, the intense and deep feeling to hold onto the connection can be destroying for the other soulmate.

A lot of people seem to believe that soulmate relationships are destined to last forever.  Just because someone is your soulmate, it doesn’t mean the relationship journey will be easy.  In actual fact, soulmate relationships require more work than any relationship. More than anything, soulmate relationships are meant to teach us lessons.

There is a common myth that most people think that soul mates cannot be broken and there is no reason for a soulmate relationship to end because of this strong connection between the two.

In this article, we have identified 15 reasons to help you let go of your soulmate.

1: Soulmate Runner – to let go of your soulmate

When your soulmate does a runner, don’t chase them.  Chasing them will only lead them to withdraw further, and delay the return time.

When you let them go, you give them the chance to think more, and create the space to miss you.

Giving them space and breaking the soulmate connection doesn’t mean that they won’t return.

In order for the soulmate relationship to grow, allowing good space will only help the healing process.  Once the two of you are both in a clear space and willing to engage in a relationship again, divine timing will bring the two of you back together again.

Meanwhile, you should look at ways to rebuild and empower yourself – take on activities that help you heal and grow as a person, things such as personal development courses, empowerment books, taking on some yoga classes, develop the mind and start taking care of yourself.

Still struggling? Seek guidance from a love psychic or soulmate psychic reader who can guide you through this process.  A love psychic can see what the future holds between you and your soulmate.  Seeking soulmate  guidance through a psychic reading online or soulmate tarot reading online can often bring more peace and understanding into the current situation and help clear up any confusion you may have.

2: The On and Off Soulmate Relationships

Does your soulmate come and go? On and off soulmate relationships are doomed and destined to fail.

When the relationship with your soulmate is on and off, this is a clear sign that you may need to let them go for now.  A relationship won’t work in the long run when you are trying to make one with in those conditions.

No one wants to be in an on and off relationship and if your soulmate wants to be in this relationship, it is time for you to end it.

3: Soulmate Trust Issues

Having trust issues can cause a lot of caos when your with a significant other.  Once the trust has been lost, it takes a lot of time to repair and for the trust to be regained.

Reinstating trust has to be done through action and not words.  If your soulmate wants to regain the trust back in your relationship, you should do this through action and not words.  Make sure that your soulmate is aware of this intention.

However if actions are not working out, it maybe time to let go.  As stated, soulmate miss trust can take a lot of time, so if your soulmate is willing to try to regain the faith, go for it.  If it becomes an issue and causes drama, it maybe time to let go.

Before you decide which way to go, you might want to also seek clarification from our soulmate psychics who can make it a more easier process to guide you through it.

4: Soulmate Jealousy

Does your soulmate get jealous when you hang out with your friends? Or when you choose to see your family for dinner?  Does your soulmate complain that you never make time for them, when you just about have time for them every other hour?

Jealousy is fear.  It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in.  Family, friends, Coworkers, etc it all comes down to fear.

A fear of loss, losing your soulmate.  When your soulmate is jealous, it can be hard situation to control, like anything, just because your in a soulmate relationship doesn’t mean you have to bend down low to meet their standards.  Your soulmate needs to make changes to make the relationship better. Sometimes these things may make you want to let go of your soulmate.

5: Soulmate Love Triangles

If your soulmate relationship is caught up in a love triangle, it maybe a sign to end it.  No relationship is destined to work out in the long run when there is a third person in the equation.

No one wants a relationship with a third wheel and if you are currently in one, it maybe time to end it.

Soulmate love triangles can often start out as fun, but as feelings start to grow, someone is bound to end up hurt.

6: Soulmate Holding Onto An Ex

If your soulmate is still holding on to an ex lover, or previous partner, it maybe a sign you need to let go of your soulmate for now to allow your soulmate time to run the relationship to its cause.

The soulmate connection should enable you to leave a bad situation, however sometimes in most cases it works the other way around and often leaves us in bad situations.  It can be difficult to let go your soulmate. This is not a good way to honour your soulmate connection. When it comes down to it, you will be forced to put a stop to it to enable the other relationship to run its course.  Some soul-mates feel the pain of rejection when they are in this situation.

7: Soulmate Puts You Last

Does your soulmate treat you like an option? Do you feel alone in the relationship?  Does your soulmate care if they disappoint you?

Often they don’t if you are not a priority.  Deep down, we often know the relationship is over when you are feeling lonely and like you have already been dumped, but this is a valid sign of where you are on the list of what matters. Sometimes you may feel like you want to let go of your soulmate. This should be a clear call to end the soulmate relationship. When you put yourself first, you will not settle for any of this kind of behaviour.

8: Soulmate Narcissist

Narcissist behaviour can be hard to see or tell when you are fully invested in the soulmate relationship, especially with a connection so deep.  When your in a relationship with a narcissist they can use variety of emotional manipulation tactics to hook you and re-hook, and then string you along.

Narcissist can be hard to live with, they can destroy your confidence and make you feel worthless.  It is important to understand that a lot of narcissist behaviour stems from low self esteem, and is often pointed out to be a mental disorder.

To let go of your soulmate who is narcissist isn’t easy, and the soulmate relationship is likely to leave a serious dent to your self-esteem.  However, you need to not accept this kind of manipulating behaviour, and firstly recognise that the relationship needs to end right quickly.

Turning this around has to start with an end to the behaviour, and sometimes means to let go of your soulmate, letting go of the relationship completely in order for the soulmate to learn the hard lesson.  Soulmate relationships are already hard, but one with a narcissist can be worse. :

9: Soulmate Relationship Rejection

Rejection from a soulmate can really hurt, and if we allow our ego to deal with the situation we can whined up losing the soulmate completely.  Rejection doesn’t come down to who you are as a person, and only reflects the soulmate who is doing the rejection. So it is important to under the rejection that takes place.

One of the very reasons soulmate rejection occurs is because of the overwhelming flood of emotions that come with encountering ones soulmate.  You are never really prepared for a soulmate relationship and hence why when you are single it is important to prepare and use the time to prepare.

10: Soulmate Sabotage – to let go of your soulmate?

If your soulmate likes to sabotage your relationship all the time, by picking up fights with you for no reason every time, it maybe time to walk away and to let go of your soulmate.

Creating the space between the both of you may give your soulmate the wake up call that is needed.  Allowing space can often help bring the soulmate to their senses, and when they are ready to be an adult, the relationship will be at a better place to rekindle.

11: Soulmate Toxic Relationship

If your soulmate shows raw signs of toxic relationships with their friends or family, this is a total red flag, and you need to let them go.

If your soulmate is allowing this kind of toxic relationship into their environment, it is sure to enter into your relationship, and is best to step down until the relationship with their family and friends has gained some control.

12: The Soulmate Commitment

If your soulmate is struggling to commit or give the relationship with you a fair go, it maybe time to let go.  Your soulmate may possibly be seeing someone else, or could be holding back because they want to keep an open relationship.

Either way, this won’t allow you the time to build a solid relationship.  If you are allowing or enabling your soulmate to do this, it is time to cut it.  Your soulmate may only be doing it to take advantage of your good intentions.

13: The Soulmate Manipulation

There are multiple signs to spot soulmate manipulation, however when it comes to soul mates being manipulated whilst in the relationship, due to the strong connection we often let it slide.   This is not a way to accept behaviour from a soulmate and needs to end.

When you hear the words: “Well if you really loved me.” This is one of the worst and most common forms of soulmate or relationship manipulation.  The manipulation works to make you prove to your soulmate over and over again by giving them what they want.  Bow out.

This kind of relationship is not something that can be sustained and needs to be cut.  Allow time away, in order for you soulmate to come to this realisation. Either way, something has to change with this dynamic.

14: The Soulmate Closed Off Emotion

If your soulmate is always closed off, and doesn’t want to open up their emotions, then it maybe a good time to end it.  This can often lead to signs that the soulmate is using you for a booty call, or friends with benefits.

You may have a gut feeling that your soulmate feels the same way about you, but are too scared to face their true feelings.  This is a sign that you need to end it with them, until they are ready to admit their true feelings.

15: The Soulmate Dead End Relationship

A lot of people seem to believe that soul mates are destined to last forever.  Just because someone is your soulmate, it doesn’t mean the relationship journey will be easy or in fact last forever.  Again, soulmate relationships require more work then any other relationship and most often don’t last because of the work that is required.  When they realise this the soulmate relationship wears itself out and becomes dead end.  Coming to this realising can be difficult, and make you feel miserable.

So how can you tell if your soulmate relationship is at a dead end?

  • You may find that you try to fix one problem, and another problem will arise.
  • You met your soulmate, but timing has made it difficult to bring the two of you together because your both holding onto other relationships
  • Break up after break up and on and off relationships are a sure sign.  Always getting back together and ending the soulmate relationship
  • Your soulmate may not be ready emotionally
  • Your soulmate cheated, and therefore the trust has broken between the two of you, and can never be repaired
  • Your soulmate puts you last
  • Your soulmate won’t make any effort


To let go of your soulmate can be tough ride to go through on your own, reach out to a love psychic or soulmate specialist who can give you the guidance you need to proceed forward with peace and confidence.  A Psychic reading online is also available at the click of a button via phone reading or chat.   Seeking answers through a tarot reading can give you insights into how you can conquer life in its troubling times.