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Reasons Why Men Pull Away In A Relationship

Posted on February 19, 2018 by Psychic Corrina

why men pull away in relationships

Reasons Why Men Pull Away In A Relationship

But why do men pull away?

Many women have had the experience of having a man they were in a relationship with swiftly withdraw and pull away.

You may have been spending a lot of time together and calling and texting each other into the wake of dawn,  often when suddenly, he goes silent.

It’s easy to start replaying everything in your mind over and over looking for clues and reasons why he might be acting the way he is.

Here are 7 common reasons why men pull back in a relationship, and steps you can take to identify a man who is pulling away and withdrawing.


You might be seeing signs of a cheating man when he starts to avoid from intimacy.  The number one thing women worry about when a man pulls away from them emotionally is that he is cheating.   Cheating would cause him to be less available to you and be more guarded over where he is spending his time.  He might also be feeling guilt from his actions.

Anger Over a Fight or Misunderstanding

If you recently had a fight, even if you have made up, there could still be hurt feelings or misunderstandings diving you. Men sometimes have difficulty expressing their feelings and that can lead to silence on their end.

Feeling For An Ex-Lover

If your man recently ran into an ex-lover, ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, this could cause old feelings for that person to resurface and no matter if he is planning to pursue these old feelings or not, it could cause him to pull back from you for a while. Confusion over old feelings is a common reason for withdrawal.

Spooked or Flooded With Emotion

Remember that men have difficulty expressing their emotions and if they feel overwhelmed with strong feelings for you, even if those feelings are of love, it could frighten him into becoming more distant as he struggles to figure out what he is feeling and how to express those feelings to you.

The deeper he falls in love with you, the more he faces a fear of rejection as well which is also stressful.

Fear Of Commitment 

It’s perfectly normal for both men and women in relationships to have a fear of commitment.

Especially if the relationship is new or one of you had a bad relationship in the past. Some people just have a hard time settling down until they are 100% sure they are in love.

Personal Life Events

It is possible that the reason for the withdrawal has nothing to do with you or your relationship. If your man is going through tough times economically or with their family they could simply be busy processing the stress in their life.

Be a shoulder to cry on and give him the space he needs to resolve these issues that do not have to do with your relationship.

Settling In

What you might read as withdrawal could just be the natural course of a relationship that has become comfortable.

When a relationship is new, there tends to be a lot more dating, texting and attempts to impress each other.  As the relationship grows, you no longer have the urge to check in with each other 24/7 because you are confident in your love.

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