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Could this truly be “THE ONE” or just another Soulmate Mirage

Posted on February 8, 2016 by Psychic Corrina

soulmate mirage

How do you know if someone you just had those amazing soul sparks with is the real thing, your true soulmate, or just someone who is momentarily channeling your wonderful soulmate? Come again you say…I know it sounds a bit strange.

But this soulmate mirage” is a very common experience, it’s hard to put a name to it but you may have experienced it already.

Have you ever met someone with whom you feel better than you’ve ever felt before, you feel you have found the one you’ve been waiting for, you may have tons in common, or feel so comfortable as if you’ve always known each other.

You may feel depths of joy and passion that you didn’t know existed. You can see your future playing out so beautifully with this person and everything feels so right and so perfect, and then it just vanishes.

The love breaks down, or he does, or she runs, or it all just evaporates and you’re left disappointed, a bit in shock, disillusioned, and sometimes devastated, not to mention utterly confused as to what just hit you and what it all meant?

Firstly, let me introduce you to the concept of channeling. You may have heard of this phenomenon or you may not be familiar with it.

I will assume the latter.  Channeling is when a being, often one who is not on the earth but rather is living on the other side across the veil a.k.a. the spiritual plane, speaks through a living person, usually for the purpose of giving their spiritual messages to us humans for the betterment of our lives or for our further enlightenment.

This is different than being possessed (in case images of the exorcist just ran through your mind) because the being channeling through is safe, loving, and harmless and often has the consent of the human who is being used to relay the messages.

A famous channel you may have heard of is Esther Hicks, who channels Abraham., the spiritual being(s) that brought the Law of Attraction to our attention, even before the bestselling book The Secret did.

Before I go off on a tangent, back to our main topic, the “soulmate mirage”. Lately I’ve seen articles around the web about fake soulmates, or counterfeit soulmates.  As I anxiously pondered whether such a thing could be true, I got some interesting info from my team of guides and angels who are kind enough to clear up the confusion in my mind from time to time. According to the knowledge they gave me, before we meet our true love, the soulmate with whom we are meant to be with, the one with whom we will share a life, a destiny, and possibly our life’s work with, something else happens. He or She reaches out to us at crucial times, through a person who happens to be around us at the moment. That person literally channels our soulmate, without even realizing it. Because our souls are in touch with each other and have planned all this, and this has a beneficial purpose, this channeling is not the same thing as being possessed, just to reiterate. Here we are then, perhaps we are recovering from heartbreak, or for some other reason are feeling down, and need a dose of our soulmate’s love and essence in order to re-awaken our life force, or revitalize our faith and hope, or heal. And yet, it is not yet time to meet our true soulmate in the flesh. Neither of us is fully ready yet. So what does the universe do? It creates a temporary soulmate experience, where a regular person channels our soulmate, and thus becomes magical and special to us. BUT it only lasts for a little while, like a magic spell, like Cinderella’s carriage which turned into a pumpkin after midnight. Often this is exactly how we feel, that our seeming soulmate has turned into a pumpkin, or our prince has turned into a frog. Instead of seeing the cup as half full, we see it as half empty at this point. Instead of realizing that hey, we had a SOULMATE glimpse, we had a brush with our wonderful true love and excitedly await our real union, we feel depressed and think that love will just never last or work for us. Now I know it’s easier said than done, since in the throes of disappointment, the last thing we want to do is see the cup as half full, no ma’am we just want to dump the water on the head of the person who disappointed us and maybe smash the cup against a wall. But after a few nights of double cheese pizzas and reality show marathons, we can revisit this idea…

A major point here is that a “soulmate mirage” is not a bad thing even though it ends with feelings of disappointment and disillusion. It is actually a good thing, it is sent to us by the universe with an important, divine purpose. It is a clue and sign of our love destiny, it’s a necessary brush with our soulmate’s energy which we needed to keep us going towards that future day where we finally meet and fall in love. By becoming aware of this concept and understanding it, we can now consciously watch each seeming “soulmate” encounter to see if it is the real thing, or a soulmate mirage. The proof is in the pudding, because if it’s the real thing, it will move forward without too many hiccups, and it will grow into your dream relationship and last. It will support your happiness, well-being, and life purpose. In my research and personal experience, the soulmate mirage does not really last beyond a 6 month period at maximum. You may be in that situation longer, but the actual magic and feelings of “I’m with the right one” doesn’t last too long. The good feelings tend to tank and negative sides of the real person show up. The reason we might stick around at this point is hoping the good feelings and connection will resurface and somehow things can go back to how they were at first. Usually this does not happen, but rather once the soulmate feeling has disappeared, the relationship becomes ordinary and loses its magical elements, the person in front of us feels like a stranger, and we feel negative emotions and confusion.

If you find yourself in this situation, I encourage you to let things fade naturally, let the relationship run it’s course, you’ll walk away when it’s time, because your path is perfectly guided. With a soulmate mirage, you get to a point where you lose your motivation to stick around and realize you want something more. It’s important to allow this type of relationship experience to run its course and not see it as a mistake but as a gift, as its joys are a harbinger. Trust that if it happened, it was meant to in order to help you move forward on your life’s path towards something greater. Keep in mind that even that glimpse of your soulmate means that you are headed for him or her, the real thing awaits you, and that hope is not foolish, it’s wise and visionary. So keep your head up, and your eyes on the prize, next stop true love.