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2018 Steps To Dealing With Emotionally Unavailable Men

Posted on February 4, 2018 by Psychic Ruby

2018 emotionally unavailable men

Are you too available for him? Emotionally Unavailable Men simply put, can be tough!  He’s not available to spend time with you, yet he makes it a point or a priority to see a friend, Friday night after work drinks, breakfast with his mother, but makes no fuss about completely writing you off?  

When he starts to disengage in the relationship, he will make no plans in setting up an alternative date with you.  

Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can be frustrating and ultimately confusing.  When you have invested your time, your heart into the relationship, then he pulls the rug  from right under your feet, can leave you feeling devastated.

Anyone who has been in a situation with emotionally unavailable men will know how frustrating it can be.

Dealing with emotionally unavailable men can leave you feeling as if you go above and beyond to do things for the one guy, but this ass wipe doesn’t return the favour.

Yes, we can’t help who we fall in love with.  However, we can learn from these experiences on dealing with emotionally unavailable men and moving forward we are more aware of the kind of relationships we want to avoid in the future. (easier said then done) 

New love can be powerful and emotional at its best but also it can be overwhelming and depressing.  That is because the people we fall in love with don’t always return that love, or they are unable to love due to facing their own personal problems.

Some women make the mistake of thinking that the man they love will change over time or will come around if she just wait for him to change and making excuses to justify the changes.

They make themselves completely available and open to a loved one that might never be ready to join them, which always ends up leading to heartbreak.

How can you tell if the man you are in love with is emotionally unavailable?

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Here are a few things to look out for:

  • He drops in and out of your life, with no explanation.  Everything seems to be going so well, and then out of know where poof he drops the rug from right under your nose.
  •   He takes forever to answer texts or calls, if he answers them at all
  •   He isn’t interested in meeting your family or friends
  •   He never asks you on a date, you only meet for sex (the “hookup”)
  •   He never talks about his feeling and starts to act uncomfortable if you talk about your own feelings or ask him what he is thinking or feeling.
  •   He is already in another relationship (he’s married, separated, recently divorced or in love with another women he’s can’t have)

For your own happiness, it is important to realise that not every man you fall in love with will love you back or put in the same amount of effort.    It is said that we always look for that one person who is a mirror of their own father.

It’s OK to walk away from a relationship that is hurting you.  Trying to force them to change or waiting for them to change never works out the way you expect it to and they could end up resenting you for it.   Above all, protect your heart and start putting yourself first.

If this is a new relationship or one that has been leading nowhere for a while, it’s time to move on.

Start by deciding what you want.

Do you want an exclusive relationship?

Do you want to move from friends to lovers?

After you know what you want, set some ground rules with yourself.

Decided to let him make the next move, or simply to stop rushing to answer his texts when he makes no effort to communicate with you unless it’s on his terms.  Talk to him about what you want and about your ground rules, simply and clearly.

If he makes no effort to open up to you, don’t chase him down, simply take your heart and move on.

The soulmate you’ve been looking for is still out there waiting for you.

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