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How to get the best out of your next Online Psychic Reading

Posted on July 22, 2017 by Zenory

how to get the best out of your next psychic reading

How to get the best out of your next Online Psychic Reading?  

Online Psychic Readings and Tarot Readings can be a great way to gain insight into the future and are a common and preferred method for many people who are facing difficulties in areas of love, working life (career) dealing with grief, or any difficult situation that life has to throw at us.

From Crystal Ball Readings to Tarot cards to online psychic reading sessions over the internet through telephony, physic readings have come a long way.  

With the advancement of technology, you no longer have to wait for an appointment to see a phychic today, with built in technology and companies such as Zenory, or other reputable online psychic networks, psychic readings are accessible at the click of a button now.

live psychic readings online now

But, just like for everything else, there are ways to get the maximal output from a psychic reading.   The best part? It works even if you are new to the world of psychic reading or tarot reading online.  

For beginners, these tips can prove really helpful. Let’s check out some reliable ways you can use to make sure that you are getting the best value out of your psychic reading.

Reliable Internet and Telephone Connection

This one counts more as common sense but let’s discuss it nonetheless. In the present time, if you are going to allow a psychic to conduct a reading and reveal some life insights, there is a 90 on 100 chance that you are going to do that over the internet or the telephone.  

In order to have a smooth online psychic reading, you should make sure that there is zero to minimal technical interruption.  Also, on the note of reliability, make sure to read the terms and conditions of the sessions/sites you’re paying for.

Stay Calm

When your getting an online psychic readings, make sure to set the meeting in a quiet place where there is no noise. That is to say, avoid rooms with or surrounded by television, music or any other sort of audio or visual distraction. Before you begin the session, let go of all your worries.

Take a moment to relax and bring yourself in your calm state. The calmer you are, the stronger the connection you’ll enjoy with your reader. If all your techniques fail, try a few breathing exercises to calm yourself down.

Choose the best psychic reader

psychics and clairvoyant readings
psychics and clairvoyant readings

This is perhaps the most important part of a psychic reading.  For beginners, choosing a reliable reader is imperative since they have no experience. While deciding for a reader, there are a few things you can keep in mind:


We know this can be a tough time, and we understand choosing a reader can be something we do without thinking because we just want to feel painless and to know about your destiny is understood but under no circumstances shall that overlook the efforts you should put into researching different readers and going through their profiles before you get an online psychic reading.


 Before getting an online psychic reading, listen to what other customers or clients are saying.

The feedback received by a psychic reader online speaks volume about his/her professional practice, character, gifts and delivery style.  

If you’re researching on good websites, you’ll find that these websites filter the feedbacks with respect to consistency, relevance, and authenticity just to provide the user a good feedback.

feedback psychic readings
feedback psychic readings

Experience and Skills:

Everyone prefers experienced psychic readers, especially when approaching an online psychic reading. To beginners, there is no other choice but to have these skills and experience to aid you.

But experience is not the only thing that counts. Browse through the skills and gifts that readers have to offer and most importantly, the area of their expertise.

If you want advice on love and relationships, for instance, it is only sensible you look for readers who have expertise in this area such as soulmate specialist, an expert in twin-flame connections.

The length of your online psychic reading

A good in-depth online psychic reading can last for up to at least 30 minutes.  

While planning a psychic reading session, give yourself at least half an hour with your reader.

Write down your questions

This is very important.  Before you start your psychic readings session, it is essential that you have all your questions near you.

Being prepared can help you maintain your focus on the reading, staying calm, without having to remember the questions you wanted to ask.  

So even if you were to get side-tracked in your reading, your list of questions will make sure you don’t forget.  

Taking notes while the reading is in session is also recommended.  

Here is a list of example questions that you may ask

  1. When will (NAME) contact me next?
  2. How does he/she feel about me?
  3. Does he/she still love me?
  4. Do you see me getting that job?
  5. Why is he/she acting the way they are?
  6. Is he/she cheating on me?
  7. Do you see myself getting married within the next year or two?
  8. What do you see for myself and (NAME) in this relationship?
  9. Will this relationship grow?
  10. Do we have a future together?

As excited as you may be about your online psychic reading, it is imperative to remember that psychics are not cookie cutters, and they cannot always guarantee the outcome of your online psychic reading as nothing is set in stone.

That is to say, there are questions you will not get answers to. For instance, questions relating to medical conditions.

If you need to ask for medical advice, you need to speak with your Doctor.

Here is a list of questions not to ask

  1. Am I pregnant?
  2. When will I win the lotto?
  3. Do I need to go to the doctors?
  4. I have a lump, is it cancerous?
  5. What do I look like?
  6. What does my future partner look like?
  7. Can you guess my name?
  8. What do you see for me? (General and vague questions)

Some of these questions are not possible for a psychic or tarot reader to answer.  

Try to avoid asking questions that are too vague and ask direct and specific questions instead.


don’t get your hopes up.  Go into the reading session with an open mind.  Be ready for the truth.  Your reader isn’t always going to give you the best news, sugar coat anything or tell you what you want to hear.  

Be ready to hear the truth and be ready to take this on the chin.  Your reader may also give you tips and coping strategies to deal with any bad news, delivered with compassion.

You can also be sure to read about our Psychic Quality and how we vet our readers to give you the confidence you need to proceed.  We also offer a risk-free 10 min trial period for you to gain some confidence in our system and the reader of your choice.

Have you had any bad or good experiences with psychic readings?  

We would love to hear your thoughts.