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Signs From The Universe, Can You Recognize Them?

Posted on August 12, 2015 by Trinity Rose

signs from the universe

“The universe is always speaking to us, sending use messages, causing coincidences, reminding us to stop, look around, to believe in something else, something more” ~ Nancy Thayer 

Have you ever found yourself wishing for a sign from the Universe to help you with a big decision, or wondered if an event that seemed like only a coincidence could have been something more? In truth it can be difficult to tell whether some seemingly random happening is actually a sign or just a happy, or not so happy, accident, but there are a few things you can do to help determine whether what you have experienced is truly a sign from the Universe of which you should sit up and take notice.

Become Self Aware

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to become better able to recognize signs in your life is to work on your own self-awareness. Learning to trust yourself can be a lifelong journey, but one worth going on. When you have a strong sense of personal intuition and are able to do what some people refer to as “trusting your gut,” you will also be better able to recognize the messages that you receive from the Universe.

For example, your mind may be telling you to skip out on an event or meeting that you planned to attend because you have another option, but your “gut” is telling you that it is important to go, listen to that gut feeling. It could be the Universe trying to get your attention. Perhaps there is a message being delivered there that you are to receive, or a person attending that will become an important part of your life. When you have a strongly developed awareness of your “gut feelings,” you will be better able to find the signs the Universe is placing around you.

Be Open and Pay Attention

In order to recognize signs from the Universe, you must be open to the idea that one could occur at any time and that it could take many forms. Some people see signs around them in the form of advertisements they take particular notice of, an unexpected run-in with an acquaintance, a particular license plate, or even a song playing on the radio that seems particularly significant. Signs from the Universe do not necessarily come in the form of a clear lightning bolt to the brain. In fact, they are almost always subtle nudgings that you must remain attentive and open to recognize.

Look for Patterns around You

Signs will often come in repetitive patterns. Some people find that a particular number or word will keep showing up in their lives over and over, others find that the same idea will keep rolling back to them in different forms. Perhaps first a thought, then a song played, and then a run-in with a friend that mentions the same idea as well. Many people find that keeping a journal where they jot down happenings that they think may be signs from the Universe can be helpful in recognizing them. If you do so, then when you are wondering if something is truly a sign, you can refer back to your journal over the course of the past weeks or months and look for connections between events that seemed as though they might be significant to you.

Not everything that happens in your life will be a sign from the Universe. There will be information that crosses your path in the mere mundane course of life that is not laden with cosmic significance. However, it is important not to overlook the happenings that feel like signs.

Being open to the messages the Universe may have for you and learning to “trust your gut” are the keys to staying in touch with what the Universe may be trying to tell you.