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How can you tell if you are spiritually connected

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Trinity Rose


How can you tell if you are spiritually connected?

You have been going out for some time now.  Everything just seems to be perfect.  You like each very other very much.  You share a love for the same food.   You share good laughs.  You talk until the early morning.  One look and you already know each other’s thoughts.

That feeling like you have finally found the missing piece in your life and things have fallen right into place.  But for some reason, something is missing and you can’t figure it out.  If you still have this empty feeling, chances are you and your partner might not be spiritually connected.

Discovering Spiritual Connection

If you are dating someone who has all the qualities in your checklist of a perfect match, it is not a guarantee that both of you are suited for each other. A relationship is not something superficial. More than the worldly desires and the physical needs, a good relationship is something between two persons whose attraction goes deep down the surface, right into the soul.

Spiritually connected couples are not only puzzle pieces that fit perfectly – they have this strong bond that makes two become one. This is the very reason why they say that love needs chemistry, wherein two elements are combined to create one unified whole.

How to Identify a Spiritual Connection

This kind of connection goes way down a deeper level when you feel very close to a person in the same way that you feel towards the members of your family.  It’s the feeling of knowing that person all your life or maybe you really do.

When you are spiritually connected, you get to become more comfortable with one another. There are no pretense and wearing of any mask. You just let the real you show because deep down, you know that the person will still completely accept you for who you are. Spiritual connection is not only about sharing the same hobbies or interests or ideologies. It is about having the same principles, values and points of view.

Spiritual Connection and Its Essence in Your Relationship

There is really no way to tell if you and your partner are spiritually connected and you can’t even tell if you will really have a “chemical reaction” or if it will even last. The only thing that you can do is to try to know more about one another and the relationship a chance to bloom.

But then again, having a spiritual connection is never an assurance of a lifetime together and there will even be cases when letting go is the best solution. So, the only thing left for you to do is to take care of the relationship, take care of one another and together, face the challenges that will come your way. If things do not work out, learn to accept, move on and believe that somewhere out there, you might find the perfect person that will be in sync with your soul.