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They Start Missing You When They Fail To Replace You

Posted on May 10, 2016 by Psychic Corrina

missing my ex

As I was starting to think about what to write in this article, lyrics to Mariah Carey’s song “Someday” floated through my mind.  If you haven’t heard it before, please go right now to Youtube or Spotify and have a listen, it may deliver the point of this article even better than what I can say!

All joking aside, if we stop to think how unique each person is, it is truly amazing.  We are all made like snowflakes, no two are exactly alike.   When you connect with a romantic partner, all your wonderful uniqueness including even your flaws or idiosyncrasies are seen as a beautiful whole. That’s why falling in love can make you feel so on top of the world, because you are being cherished for just being you.

Despite what everyone says, what first draws two people together is way beyond just physical attraction, it involves an energy connection, or a spark.  That spark can include a physical attraction element but it goes far beyond just that.  There are things in each person that are completely irreplaceable of course.  If you and a partner get into a relationship, treat each other well and mutually appreciate each other, then mutually realize the relationship just isn’t meant to be and part amicably, that’s one thing.

But when one person just doesn’t have the maturity or insight at the moment to appreciate how wonderful the other is, there can be a lopsided feeling of being taken for granted.   This is the kind of situation we are talking about right now.  So due to this lack of awareness, the relationship may wither away and you go your own separate ways.   But time has a way of bringing clarity, and hindsight is often 20/20 for this reason.  Lightning doesn’t strike often, and a special kind of love doesn’t happen everyday.  When it does, those of us who are either wise enough or experienced enough know to hang onto it and fight for it. Unfortunately this doesn’t always go both ways in a coupling, and one person has to take that knowledge and walk away with it, hoping that cupid will strike again with someone who can appreciate such a rare gift.

However, If you’ve ever had your heart broken because you saw how great he was, what a special connection you had with each other, and saw beautiful potential for the future, but he just seemed blinded to this viewpoint, don’t despair.   The chances are high that over time, all those unique “snowflake” qualities you had and the goodness that your relationship offered will become clear as day to him.

Even if we don’t always want to get back together with an ex, a part of us might want the unappreciative partner to show us that he has realized his mistake and at the least feel remorseful and miss us a bit. It’s wonderful when life or karma gives us a chance to witness this, and sometimes we do. Sometimes that fantasy of him writing or messaging you to say he’s missed you terribly and he was wrong for letting you go actually happens.

And then you either say well that’s nice but I’ve happily moved on, or you might reconcile with the more mature version of your ex and live happily ever after. But if you don’t get to experience the sweetness of this kind of scenario, just know that truth can never remain hidden. And the truth is, you are irreplaceable, and any real love that you’ve shared with another person was mutual. If he couldn’t recognize or appreciate how special you were then, surely the day will come when the truth hits him and his heart aches with missing. Destiny will either bring you back together at that time, or bring you a better love so you don’t have to wait around for the slowpoke  Just trust!