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Automatic Writing

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Zenory


 Automatic writing is often referred to as talking board readings, witch board readings, spirit board readings, oracle board readings, weegie board readings, or channelling board readings. Ouija Board readings have been widely used since the dawn of time as a psychic medium tool, with the basic design (alphanumeric table blocks with one or more rotating or otherwise movable pointers) which have existed in several forms over the last centuries.

Automatic writing can equally be used as a divination tool for receiving and exchanging communications from the spiritual beings concerned with your life journey by connecting with the spirit realm. In the hands of a gifted psychic reader, the Ouija Board provides direct communication with the spirit realm giving profound insights into any aspect of your life including the people in it.

All confusions and uncertainties caused by events in your life can be totally tackled by an online Ouija Board reading, revealing the underlying patterns and influences that shape your daily world through gaining the wider perspective offered by the spirit realm. Though Ouija Board readings have gained a reputation of danger and darkness in popular culture, the experience is pretty much inspiring and uplifting especially when performed under the direction of an experienced psychic. This greatly helps in giving spiritual awareness and insight into your daily life, and allowing for greater peace of mind and clarity as you navigate your life journey.

Contacting the spirit realm is always a risk if you are inexperienced and lack the psychic sensitivity needed to control the direction of the reading, and it is possible to channel harmful or hostile entities through the Ouija Board. All negative reputation that Ouija Boards have is often caused by the tendency to misuse them as a toy or simply entertainment. It’s obvious that people who don’t possess the psychic reading gift are likely to be unable to control the direction of a Ouija Board reading.  A professional psychic on the other hand will be able to connect the reading with the entities that have a positive interest in your life.  An experienced psychic, clairvoyant, or other spiritual reader will be able to call only the spirits who want to impart messages to you as they have the ability of recognizing specific energy vibrations.