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How Do You Find A Genuine Psychic?

Posted on March 21, 2015 by Trinity Rose


What You Should Know Before Seeking The Help Of A Psychic

Few people have become a victim to a psychic scam, but if you are new to the psychic realm there are things you should consider before you open your wallet. Ask yourself a question, so you want to see a psychic for a reading but feeling confused?

Well there is every reason to feel so.  There are many reasons to consider before going for a psychic reading.  First things first, you should see what a psychic can do. Psychics claim to give you insightful information that is helpful to solving a problem in your life, if that’s in all matters pertaining to love, a relationship break up, career or work life or dealing with grief and so on.

One could approach a psychic with a certain issue and by means of psychic reading, the solution to the problem is provided.  Some psychics will tap into their gifts, such as physical healing by means of spiritual healing.  In the age of information technology, online psychic readings are made available at the click of a button.

You should always be aware to prevent yourself from falling into a psychics’ trap of intimidation, fear, doubt, uncertainty and disempowerment. These are the tactics used to extract money out of you and mislead you in the wrong directions.

Before being engaged in anything like this, be clear on your expectations, seek further information regarding the Psychic, read their feedbacks, talk to others who have had experience in psychic readings or speak to Zenory customer support.

Red Flag Alerts 1:  How To Source A Genuine Psychic

Although there is, no guarantee that the list is going to lead one to a genuine psychic, you can refer to it in order to get information on the various psychics in your area. For example, the World Psychic Channelers Directory can help you source ethical readers to help one out.

Top psychic platforms can often give you a list of certified psychics that have been proven for psychic quality, tested psychic readings on a regular basis.

Red Flag Alerts 2:  Advertisements

Another means to know about the psychics is through the advertisement they put up with the mass media. Many psychics use advertisement as a source to publicise them and draw attention of the people toward them. However, others do not advertise.

It must again be mentioned that there is no guarantee to the claims of such advertisement and other means must be used to check their authenticity. Just because an advertisement says, something does not make that true.  Genuine psychic reading has no proof in advertisements.

There have been events in the past that have proved the false claiming psychics as charlatans and exposed their lie.


Recommendations from people of past experience, trusts can also be a source of finding a genuine psychic. You may ask your co-workers, friends and family members if they know about a genuine physic.

Generally, people do not disclose that they went to see a physic for a psychic reading. They think it might lead to them being called stupid and be a laughing stock. One might even get surprised to know about the people in their circle who went for a psychic reading.

Another benefit of asking for recommendations is that you might come to know of fake psychics in case your friend has had a terrible experience with him or her. In this case usually that person can provide experiences and give you insights into any red flags.

This will enable you to filter the bad ones out so that your chances of landing up with a crook psychic are narrowed down. While asking for recommendations do not forget to ask certain questions that will help you make a decision.

You should ask about the fee that the said psychic charged for his or her service. Another question can be about the satisfaction that he/she experienced after visiting the psychic. Many psychics out there ask too many questions and then modify their psychic reading on your response.

There is nothing useful that one can attain from such physics. One must use their brains in such situations and decide for themselves how useful psychics can be.  Ask about how useful the information was.

Enquire about how available the psychic is and would he/she go back to a psychic for help. Based on the answers to these questions you can decide what is best for you.

It is particularly important to ascertain the truthfulness of the psychic as he/she is going to change your thoughts about things important to you.

Tread with caution and please do not fall into the trap of a crook psychic who would give you nothing but a loss.

Always read between the lines and keep your head in place.  Finding a qenuine psychic can be hard but it is possible.

Persuasions in any form are it in the form of advertisement and any other means must be wisely dealt with and decisions must be based on rationality and reason.