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Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

Posted on September 18, 2019 by Psychic Zen

do soulmates separate and reunite?

Do Soulmates Separate And Reunite?

The Soulmate experience is always challenging, and there are lots of myths associated with this kind of connection.

There’s a very widespread misunderstanding that Soulmate relationships are meant to be and that, regardless of the circumstance, the two Soulmates will find a way to be together and live happily ever after but that is not always true.

While Soulmate relationships share a deep connection and intensity and you may feel like you can’t live without your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that they are meant to be.

Do soulmates always re-unite?

A Soulmate will enter your life when the time is right, but they may not necessarily stay.  There are different reasons for soulmate separations.  One of the most common is bad timing.  When one of the soulmates involved, or even both soulmates, are not in the right place to enter this relationship.

In other cases, there are chances for a posterior reunion and some cases there won’t be.   It is true as well that sometimes, the intensity of the soulmate connection is just too intense and one of the soulmates feels overwhelmed, returning later – or not – to the soulmate connection at all.

It is important to remember that we are here to live the human experience, and often, the ego is in control of the decision making.

A Soulmate can often sometimes be abusive or un-deserving of our commitment, and in this case, separating from your soulmate is the best thing that you can do for yourself, and your soulmate.

Doing this may actually increase your changes of the reunite, the space can bring more clarity and give the soulmate a chance to miss you.

Another reason for separation one of the Soulmates may not be interested in the sort of intense connection or relationship, or they may have chose or feel comfortable to stay single, in which case, the soulmate separation is also a strong possibility.

It is vital to remember that the whole point of the Soulmate journey is focused on our own individual growth and not necessarily the pursuit of a romantic relationship.

If you have to go through the soulmate separation of your Soulmate, final or not, keep in mind that you can still find blissful joy and happiness in another relationship and that you are worthy of someone who wants to be with you as much as you want to be with them.

If your looking to gain more insights into your soulmate or understand the intensity of the soulmate connection, it maybe helpful to consider a soulmate psychic reading with a online psychic at Zenory.

What if your Soulmate is already married?

Posted on September 12, 2019 by Psychic Zen

when your soulmate is married to someone else

What if your Soulmate is already married?

When your soulmate is married you might be asking how did you fall for a married man or women?

Can a married man be your soulmate?

If your soulmate married to someone else? What should you do?

If you have found yourself in this situation where your soulmate is married to someone else, you will be feeling like the world is about to end.

The soulmate connection is felt by both of you and the meeting between you both had you both feeling the intensity of the soulmate connection, but none of you had any idea or intention to fall into this situation, but it happens.

If this is what you are going through at the moment know that your not on your own.

You maybe asking yourself how you came to this situation, and why the universe has brought you to this intense soulmate connection.

You may also be wondering if there is going to be a chance that your soulmate will leave their marriage.

Truthfully the answer is no, or not anytime soon.

This can be one of the most difficult situations a soulmate will ever encounter when your soulmate is married to someone else.

What is a soulmate relationship?

If there’s a word that defines soulmate relationships it is definitely “complex”. 

Soulmate connections are not easy, and they weren’t meant to be easy.  Soulmates are meant to challenge us on a deeper level, which is why when things are great for soulmate connections, things are on cloud nine. 

However when things go south, your world feels like its about to end. 

Soulmate connections as said, they can often be painful, specially when you have set your mind – and your heart – on a particular outcome.

Assumptions and expectations don’t sit well with soulmate relationships.

Assuming that a soulmate relationship will end in a “happily ever after” is sometimes a recipe for heartbreak and disaster. 

There is a number of different reasons why a soulmate connection may not end in a romantic relationship.

Soulmate is taken

There isn’t much you can do in this case.  And if you are asking if your soulmate will leave the marriage for you, it is highly unlikely.  If you want to stay in your power, this should be dealt from your higher source.

When you leave this situation to the higher source or high powers you stay in your power and in control and allow this to unfold at the right time.

Will your soulmate walk away from the marriage?

Let’s consider your soulmate maybe perfectly happy and fulfilled in a relationship with someone other than a soulmate.  Sometimes, the person will prioritise their marriage over the soulmate connection, even if they are unhappy, they may take months, or even years to walk away from a marriage.  

If this is the case, remember that your feelings are yours, nobody can take them away, and that you are free to love without an attachment, without expecting an outcome.

Other times though, the marriage will be a milestone in this person’s life, and it could be preparing them to enter a relationship with you that your soulmate wasn’t ready for before.

Regardless of what is the case, the truth is that when your soulmate is married to someone else, you need to give up control and accept that it is a situation that is not in your hands to resolve.

For this reason, it is important that you remember to live your own life and let time make things fall into place.

Release control and surrender the soulmate connection, trusting that it will be for your highest good either way.

The major lesson here has most of the time to do with the acceptance of the decisions that others make and has the purpose to show you a hint of what unconditional love truly means.

If you want to delve deeper into the soulmate connection and what this means for you moving forward, talk to one of our soulmate psychics at Zenory via phone or online chat reading.

What To Do When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready For You?

Posted on July 18, 2019 by Psychic Corrina

soulmate isn't ready

What To Do When Your Soulmate Isn’t Ready For You?

Soulmate relationships are almost invariably complicated at best. The worst part and feeling is when your soulmate isn’t ready for you, this can suck a really big one.

And there are times in which, no matter how strong the soulmate connection we feel is, the person on the other end is just not ready. This is, for sure, an extremely frustrating situation.

Your soulmate connection is so strong and so real that you cannot fathom how the other person seems to be oblivious to it, and it gets really hard to let go of trying to control the situation.

It is never easy to go through this process, but it can help if you see it as an opportunity.   

Soulmate Lesson

One of the main lessons we get through a soulmate relationship that quite often goes ignored is that they are not meant to merely satisfy you emotionally, but to push you to grow, and growth is quite often difficult.

It is as well crucial to remember that even though you share a made-above connection, you are still individuals on your own seperate journey, and you only have control over your own experience.

For these reasons, the best thing to do when your soulmate isn’t ready for you, is to shift the focus from trying to change their perception, to your own experience and personal development.

If your soulmate is not ready for you, there is a misalignment, but it will not resolve until you work out your own issues. Your soulmate connection cannot be severed, so you need to let go of the urge to keep the relationship going at all costs and embrace divine timing, along with touching base with your own spirit.

Soulmate journeys will always bring change, development and progress.

When your soulmate isn’t ready, your best shot is to continue this journey in faith and strength, leading the way and trusting the process.

Talk to a soulmate psychic

Still need some clarity around your soulmate readiness? 

Touch base with a soulmate psychic.   A soulmate psychic reading can help you reach that elation by pointing you in the right direction. It can also be used to find clarity in your current soulmate relationship and the feelings and intention from your soulmate.

Soulmate psychics can connect with the energy between you and your soulmate to identify the soul connection that the both of you share.

Through a soulmate reading you will gain the clarity and insight behind the deeper connection and gain the power to move you forward and out of the rut.

The Difference Between Soulmates And Twin Flames

Posted on April 24, 2015 by Psychic Nori

difference between soulmates and twinflames

There is a huge difference between soulmates and twin flames.

There is a mountain of evidence to suggest that Twin Flames and Soulmates are exactly the same thing.  But in reality there is a very big difference between soulmates and twin flames.

As with all spiritual connections, soulmates and twin flames both share very similar bonds that make them seem to be alike in nature.  Yet, the quintessential parts of the different spiritual bonds are what make them unique in their own right.  So for the many people out there wondering exactly what the difference is, you’ll have to understand exactly what the two are first.

Twin Flames Meaning

Difference Between Soulmates and Twin flames
Difference Between Soulmates and Twin flames

By far the strongest connection that two souls can share.  Not only is it a shared connection, but it is THE connection.  A set of twin flames are two souls (each soul as a whole) who were born of the same core.

To paint a clear picture, twin flames are the same fire.  So-to-say, who at spiritual birth were separated into two flames.  The masculine and the feminine. They are thus, of the same essence but two completely whole and individual souls.

The attraction to a twin flame is unbelievably strong, sometimes even overpowering.  Usually, twin flames reunite or come together as one fire after their respective journeys.  They are magnetically drawn to each other through time and space.  Often, they do not find each other until much later, over many years and/or even many lifetimes.

Twin flames are fuelled by mystery.  It’s safe to say that what most people dream of when they think of finding a soulmate is in fact the connection shared between twin flames.  But it is an extremely rare event and while the chance of finding your twin flame is said to be 50%, it may not be here and now, or in your current consciousness.

Soulmate Meaning 

Difference Between Soulmates and Twin flames
Difference Between Soulmates and Twin flames

One can encounter many different soulmates in a lifetime, and so too, over many lifetimes.

There is a deep karmic connection between soulmates.  Contrary to the popular belief, this type of Spiritual Connection is, in fact, not always a positive connection.  Many people can connect over various aspects or characteristics.  Sometimes the connection is vague and other times it’s incredibly strong, leading the parties to believe that it is a twin flame connection.

Soulmates are also drawn to each other, but the connection is one that is shared just prior to or from that moment.  For example, soul mates will easily recognise each other through the strength of the connection they share.  But that does not mean that they have been drawing in toward each other spiritually since the beginning of their time.

Rather, soulmates move parallel and diagonally to and from one another.  Bumping into each other as the karmic connections and tunnels keep growing and moving forward.  A soul mate should not be taken lightly, however, even though that soul is not a twin flame.  We learn much from all the karmic connections we come into contact with. Soul Mates can teach us infinitely valuable information about ourselves and the people around us.

To suggest that the pursuit of life is to only ever look for your twin flame, would severely ignore the fact that without the learning and the wisdom acquired with the help of both karmic connections and soul mates.  You would not draw closer to your twin flame.

As mentioned before, twin flames have a way of finding each other over time and space.  This really only happens when the souls are ready, or when the souls need to be ready for bigger events, greater than themselves.

As twin flames are governed by unconditional love, each soul must grow independently and discover what unconditional love truly means.  Therefore, it is fair to say that twin flames usually, but not always, find each other when there is little or no teaching and learning left to be done and the two are whole together.

A quick look at the differences between twin flames and soul mates


  • Drawn to each other at the moment of meeting.
  • Will find each other many times over many life-spans.
  • There is more than one person who can be your soul mate, in fact, there are many soul mates.

Twin flames

  • Magnetically drawn to each other through space and time continuum.
  • Will find each other usually only at the end of their spiritual life journey.
  • There is only one who can be your twin flame.

Soulmate and Twin Flame Purpose

As twin flames are separated and leave the source/God to begin their journey here, the understanding is that they will come to find life.

Strange isn’t that that we choose to come here to find life?  But it is only with the mortal flesh that a soul can begin to truly appreciate what life is. With mortal flesh comes a variety of emotions. In order to strengthen the bond between twin flames, they must first fulfil the duty, no, the privilege of living.

This means that each individual soul will encounter other individual souls.  Purpose is what brings them together.  We are all teachers, we are all students, and we are all givers of Love, Hope and Faith. This is what a soul mate is.

Don’t take a soul mate lightly, honour that soul by loving with your all, by giving of your wisdom and by receiving their given wisdom openly.  They are, after all preparing you for the moment you will collide with your twin flame.

Soulmate Attraction

Both these bonds are mutually mesmerising.  When you meet a soulmate, there is something, something big that you just can’t quite put your finger on.Soulmate attraction to a soulmate can have its foundation in both light and dark and it is vital to understand this before becoming entangled with just any soul.

If you feel strong enough to take on the journey of returning the soul to the light, and you are confident it will not drain your life source from you, and then take it on with caution.  Also, not all soul mate relationships are romantic in nature.

You could find that a close relative, a teacher, a mentor, even a complete stranger who connects with you deeply can all be soul mates.

Twin Flame Attraction

When you meet a twin flame, it’s as if the cosmic world has just thrown a pie in your face.  It often happens when you least expect it and it does not come without challenges.  As with life lessons, you have to prove that you are worthy of your twin flame.   That you have learnt what you needed in order to be one with this illuminating soul.

Therefore, the attraction can be something completely unexplainable. In short, a soul mate attraction is recognised as a “knowing.”  You don’t know why (or maybe you do if you’re gifted), but you just know you share a connection.

A twin flame can be more confusing. It’s less of a mutual connection and much more of a mutual feeling of “arriving”. It’s a feeling of having found home.  Many people suffer from intrinsic loneliness.  Regardless of the number of excellent relationships they’ve had in their lives.  This disappears entirely when they meet their twin flame.

Open your spiritual self to wisdom and light and your soul will be guided to your twin flame.  It is usually accepted that looking for a twin flame is ineffective.  You will come together when you are both ready.  This will happen when one of you is in desperate need of the other’s life force.  A need that cannot be fulfilled by a soulmate connection.

Selflessness, wisdom, and unconditional love govern the twin flame connection.  Learning, teaching, preparing govern the soulmate connection.

Twin Flame – Nourishing Your Flame To Find Its Twin

Posted on March 8, 2015 by Trinity Rose


 As an individual, you are burning as a half.   Somewhere out there is your twin flame whose presence in your life is the one thing that will make you feel complete. Once you connect with that person, the heights of joy your heart and soul feel are incomparable.

Would you recognize your twin flame if you met on the street today? A twin flame reading will help you determine if the love in your life is that burning flame, or working towards extinguishing yours.

How Would You Know if You Found Your Twin Flame?

We interconnect with dozens of people daily, some who make an impact in our life fleetingly, some not at all, and others who we just can’t get out of our head. It is those people who inexplicably make your heart race that could be flirting with your flame.

An encounter with your twin flame will fill your soul with completeness. You may find yourself short of breath or suddenly in a mental fog. A twin soul reading helps to clarify whether those feelings were momentary rushes, or if that is the flame that your soul is searching for.

A twin flame psychic reading will identify almost immediately if the love in your life now is indeed your twin flame. Your twin flame is going to complement your personal strengths and weaknesses, being overwhelmingly attractive to you and above all else, fill a void in your life.

If you are having problems attracting your twin flame, a psychic reading will help you move in the right direction. For two halves of one soul to find each other, both need to burn brightly on their own. You have to learn how to project a loving and welcoming soul in order for its twin to be able to find it. A true twin flame connection can only exist if both are parts of a complete person. Learn how to be happy with yourself first, in order to feel that exhilarating connection when you join flames with your other half.

Once you do think your twin flame has been located, you should feel an instantaneous elation. If you are having doubts, or worry that this is an infatuation rather than a soul connection, the twin flame reading will assist in uncovering the truth. Why waste precious energy on relationships that are not meant to be, while your twin flame is still out there searching for you?

Explore your spirituality with the help of our live psychic readers and learn how to nourish your own soul. Once you are able to allow it to connect, your flame and its twin will come together in harmony.


Why do people feel the need to cheat in a relationship? Updated

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Psychic Nori


Why do people feel the need to cheat in a relationship? Updated

Lovers cheat in relationships for many reasons, but the underlying cause for cheating is almost always a deep desire for change.  One partner becomes bored or unsatisfied, and instead of dealing with that in a healthy manner, they look for the answer outside of the relationship.

Other lovers may use an affair as a way to exit the relationship instead of trying to fix what is making them unhappy in it.  They are reckless in the affair, hoping that being caught will allow them to bow out entirely from the unsatisfying relationship.

For those lovers that are trusting of their partners, cheating may seem unimaginable.  They look for excuses to explain away the hints and clues that a cheater always leaves behind.  They may fear confrontation and wait until they have absolute proof.  A psychic reading can help discover that truth and put a stop to that feeling of doubt.

You not only will find out the truth about your partner, you may also find out truths about yourself.  Lovers who have been cheated on in the past are often hyper vigilant of cheating behaviours, even when none exist.  The psychic reading will unearth your trust issues and help you to overcome them.  This can be a great way to start while your looking to re-building positive love relationships in the future.

Jealousy, fear and a lack of trust will destroy a relationship before it starts.  If you are having those feelings, consulting with a psychic will get to the root of the issue and let you know if those feelings are valid.

Whether cheating exists or not, uncovering the truth with the help of a psychic as soon as possible gives you the courage you need to confront the issue. You may either repair those flaws that are holding you back from true love, or discover that the one who you thought was your true love no longer is.

If you are affected in a cheating relationship, maybe a family member, close friend, seek guidance from one of our experienced love psychics today!


Insights into your Long Distance Relationship

Posted on by Psychic Nori


Insights into your Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not an easy thing to do. It takes hard work and there can be emotional turmoil. But our psychic readings help alleviate that stress by giving you perceptive and accurate insights into your long distance relationship that are unique to your situation.

 Some couples start out as long distance relationships, while others become that way over time. Regardless of which type fits you and your partner, we understand there are tough days when you have many questions about love, your future happiness or your partner.

Perhaps you have never been in a long distance relationship before and are not sure how to read what is happening around you. Or, maybe you are looking for answers to issues that led to the relocation, such as career, family or illness. Use our psychic guidance to help you successfully navigate the waters of your life as it relates to your long distance relationship.

We offer confidential, secure, and valuable love psychic readings for issues or insights into your love life or any burning questions you might have around your long distance relationship.  You can contact any one of our gifted love psychics via phone or online chat.  You have the choice of who you speak with by simply viewing our available love psychics.  Speak for as long as you want with your preferred psychic reader.  By choosing the best quality psychic that will fit your style we would suggest reading through each advisors profile.

When you have readings with our Zenory gifted psychics you can begin to understand more about yourself and how you relate to your long distance partner. Receiving these impressive insights will help you to gain more control over your future and make informed decisions going forward about your long distance relationship. Now is the time to speak with one of our psychics in a comfortable setting that provides you answers to help unlock your future.