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Are Psychics mind readers? (Updated 2019)

Posted on September 10, 2019 by Psychic Zen

are psychics mind readers?

Are Psychics Mind readers?

Do psychics have the ability to read you and other peoples minds without your permission or without you asking? Psychics are not mind readers, they cannot tell everything about you at any given moment without your permission.

Your spirit guides, or guardian angels may reach out to a psychic if they are unable to get their messages across to you. If you do not want a psychic getting information that way, simply tell your guides not to do that.

That is why you need to let the psychic reader know what you want your reading to focus on. They may need a name, topic, or questions from you, because they are not mind readers. Psychics and mind readers are similar in ways, but not exactly the same. Psychics can read thoughts, feelings, and give people predictions about the future.

Psychics do not know every single thing you think, feel and every thought you have. Mind readers may be able to tell what kind of ice cream you ate an hour ago, but a psychic most likely would not.   Think about how many thoughts you have in one day, and in your lifetime. T he information is far too vast.

Ethical Psychic Practices

Ethical psychics don’t want to be mind readers anyway. Ethical psychic readers want to help, not hurt you.  Ethical psychic readers will not take it upon themselves to find out private, secret information about you or anyone else unless asked or given permission.

Ethical psychics do not want to invade your privacy or anyone else’s. If you ask a psychic a question, they will do their best to use their gifts to find you an accurate answer. If you don’t, ethical psychics don’t and won’t poke around in other peoples business. Many people try to test psychics by telling them to be mind readers and that is not the way psychic gifts always work.

Many psychics get information from spirit guides, tarot cards, or through clairvoyant, clairaudient or empathic gifts. Those gifts focus more on the past, predictions about the future, and feelings. Not what number you are thinking in your head at the moment. Mind readers are not able to predict the future, they only read what is on a persons mind.

A psychic reader has a lot more valuable information to give, such as predictions, outcomes, and warnings. Since you already know what is on your mind and what you are thinking, a mind reader may not be what you really need for guidance.

If you want to know about feelings, what your next best path to take is, or what future outcomes you will face if changes are not made presently, a psychic reader is better for you than a mind reader.