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How Do You Find A Genuine Psychic?

Posted on March 21, 2015 by Trinity Rose


What You Should Know Before Seeking The Help Of A Psychic

Few people have become a victim to a psychic scam, but if you are new to the psychic realm there are things you should consider before you open your wallet. Ask yourself a question, so you want to see a psychic for a reading but feeling confused?

Well there is every reason to feel so.  There are many reasons to consider before going for a psychic reading.  First things first, you should see what a psychic can do. Psychics claim to give you insightful information that is helpful to solving a problem in your life, if that’s in all matters pertaining to love, a relationship break up, career or work life or dealing with grief and so on.

One could approach a psychic with a certain issue and by means of psychic reading, the solution to the problem is provided.  Some psychics will tap into their gifts, such as physical healing by means of spiritual healing.  In the age of information technology, online psychic readings are made available at the click of a button.

You should always be aware to prevent yourself from falling into a psychics’ trap of intimidation, fear, doubt, uncertainty and disempowerment. These are the tactics used to extract money out of you and mislead you in the wrong directions.

Before being engaged in anything like this, be clear on your expectations, seek further information regarding the Psychic, read their feedbacks, talk to others who have had experience in psychic readings or speak to Zenory customer support.

Red Flag Alerts 1:  How To Source A Genuine Psychic

Although there is, no guarantee that the list is going to lead one to a genuine psychic, you can refer to it in order to get information on the various psychics in your area. For example, the World Psychic Channelers Directory can help you source ethical readers to help one out.

Top psychic platforms can often give you a list of certified psychics that have been proven for psychic quality, tested psychic readings on a regular basis.

Red Flag Alerts 2:  Advertisements

Another means to know about the psychics is through the advertisement they put up with the mass media. Many psychics use advertisement as a source to publicise them and draw attention of the people toward them. However, others do not advertise.

It must again be mentioned that there is no guarantee to the claims of such advertisement and other means must be used to check their authenticity. Just because an advertisement says, something does not make that true.  Genuine psychic reading has no proof in advertisements.

There have been events in the past that have proved the false claiming psychics as charlatans and exposed their lie.


Recommendations from people of past experience, trusts can also be a source of finding a genuine psychic. You may ask your co-workers, friends and family members if they know about a genuine physic.

Generally, people do not disclose that they went to see a physic for a psychic reading. They think it might lead to them being called stupid and be a laughing stock. One might even get surprised to know about the people in their circle who went for a psychic reading.

Another benefit of asking for recommendations is that you might come to know of fake psychics in case your friend has had a terrible experience with him or her. In this case usually that person can provide experiences and give you insights into any red flags.

This will enable you to filter the bad ones out so that your chances of landing up with a crook psychic are narrowed down. While asking for recommendations do not forget to ask certain questions that will help you make a decision.

You should ask about the fee that the said psychic charged for his or her service. Another question can be about the satisfaction that he/she experienced after visiting the psychic. Many psychics out there ask too many questions and then modify their psychic reading on your response.

There is nothing useful that one can attain from such physics. One must use their brains in such situations and decide for themselves how useful psychics can be.  Ask about how useful the information was.

Enquire about how available the psychic is and would he/she go back to a psychic for help. Based on the answers to these questions you can decide what is best for you.

It is particularly important to ascertain the truthfulness of the psychic as he/she is going to change your thoughts about things important to you.

Tread with caution and please do not fall into the trap of a crook psychic who would give you nothing but a loss.

Always read between the lines and keep your head in place.  Finding a qenuine psychic can be hard but it is possible.

Persuasions in any form are it in the form of advertisement and any other means must be wisely dealt with and decisions must be based on rationality and reason.


Psychic Readings Online Wellington

Posted on December 28, 2014 by Zenory


Everyday you are making conscious and unconscious decisions that steer you away from enduring friendships and love. These decisions take you off the path to your true destiny. With the help of Psychic Readings Online Wellington, you will make better life choices that bring you peace and happiness.

 Your heart and mind are gripped by negative emotions everyday. Feelings such as worry, anger, hurt and fear misguide you when basing life choices around them. With a psychic reading comes an understanding of where those emotions are coming from, and how to hurdle them to get to inner peace.

If you were to define the meaning of life, what would it be? A psychic reading shows you that the true meaning for all of our existence is to find love and happiness. Yet you are burdened with negative emotions that stand in your way of these goals. With the knowledge of the meaning behind your life will come advice and suggestions for how to put aside those negative thoughts and focus only on finding that love and happiness.

Psychic readings online wellington provide a completely confidential environment, welcoming you at all times of the day and night. When ever you are overcome by despair, a trusted psychic is waiting to guide you through it and help in making the right decision that is true to your life’s mission.

In today’s hectic world, one can never have too much support, especially when it is coming from a trusted psychic whose only interest is in your inner peace and tranquility. You can not find that type of guidance and security in even your closest relationships. When the worries of the world are bearing down on your shoulders, trust in the psychic readings online Wellington. They can help remove those burdens and move forward towards love and peace.

Insights into your Long Distance Relationship

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Psychic Nori


Insights into your Long Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long distance relationship is not an easy thing to do. It takes hard work and there can be emotional turmoil. But our psychic readings help alleviate that stress by giving you perceptive and accurate insights into your long distance relationship that are unique to your situation.

 Some couples start out as long distance relationships, while others become that way over time. Regardless of which type fits you and your partner, we understand there are tough days when you have many questions about love, your future happiness or your partner.

Perhaps you have never been in a long distance relationship before and are not sure how to read what is happening around you. Or, maybe you are looking for answers to issues that led to the relocation, such as career, family or illness. Use our psychic guidance to help you successfully navigate the waters of your life as it relates to your long distance relationship.

We offer confidential, secure, and valuable love psychic readings for issues or insights into your love life or any burning questions you might have around your long distance relationship.  You can contact any one of our gifted love psychics via phone or online chat.  You have the choice of who you speak with by simply viewing our available love psychics.  Speak for as long as you want with your preferred psychic reader.  By choosing the best quality psychic that will fit your style we would suggest reading through each advisors profile.

When you have readings with our Zenory gifted psychics you can begin to understand more about yourself and how you relate to your long distance partner. Receiving these impressive insights will help you to gain more control over your future and make informed decisions going forward about your long distance relationship. Now is the time to speak with one of our psychics in a comfortable setting that provides you answers to help unlock your future.


Psychic Clairvoyant

Posted on November 19, 2014 by Trinity Rose


Psychic Clairvoyant

There are several questions many often ask about their lives, like where their lives are heading to and if they are on the right path towards their destiny. Irrespective of what questions you may have, speaking to a clairvoyant will help you find peace of mind. The word clairvoyance means “to see clearly.” This does not refer to the sense of sight, but rather to seeing with what some call the “inner eye” or “third eye.”

Others may refer to this ability as a “sixth sense.” What’s common to all of these terms and definitions is that they refer to an ability to perceive hidden truths.

Many people often to clairvoyants for guidance in various areas of their lives because they have the ability of taping into energies that the average person is not able to perceive.

Psychic Clairvoyant for careers

Speaking to clairvoyant psychics can be quite relieving for people seeking advice on their careers as they can use their gifts to tap into an informative vision of a person, place or object that can help you advance in your career, obtain a new position or even change career direction. These insights will greatly help on focusing your energies on the best possible outcome and properly preparing yourself.

Psychic Clairvoyant for relationships and friendships

With their ability to receive unique visions of events, images and places, clairvoyant psychics use their gifts to provide guidance on friendships and relationships by advising on whether someone special is “The One” or if a relationship is destined to last. You sure will achieve positive connections and move on from relationships that are having a negative influence on your life with advices from a clairvoyant reader providing a love tarot reading.

Psychic Clairvoyant Mediums for self-discovery

Psychic Clairvoyant use their ability of being able to see things from different angles, and indeed, realms, to provide insight that you might not be able to perceive yourself.

Psychic Clairvoyant readings are always held with high esteem due to their ability of connecting connect you to memories, events, emotions, and predictions which will otherwise seem inaccessible to you. In other words, clairvoyant mediums provide a bridge between you and the spiritual realm – whether it’s your own subconscious knowledge, the greater collective unconscious, angels, spirit guides, or the powerful energies all around you. Through clairvoyant mediums you can tap into some of these mysterious sources of knowledge which can be extremely revealing and empowering. Therefore, a clairvoyant psychic reading is a perfect starting point to gaining insights into questions like: who you are, where you’ve come from or where you might be headed.


Psychic Medium

Posted on by Psychic Libby


Psychic Medium

Though it’s quite obvious that many aspects of life are unpredictable; even the death of our loved ones, death is still not the not the final stop for our souls. Rather, after death, we move on to higher levels which only psychic mediums can access.  Psychic mediums have been used since the dawn of time to communicate with loved ones who have moved onto a better place.  This enables those who wish to reconnect with their loved ones to get in the rim through professional psychics who have the gift of speaking with the dead.  A psychic medium’s ability to connect with beings and energies in the spiritual world, including angels and spirit guides enables it to help you gain inner peace and increased spiritual awareness.  Psychic medium readings are termed spiritual readings because they help in creating some sort of spiritual bridge between our world and the spiritual realm.

Psychic mediums are making it easier for widows and widowers who have lost their partners due to unexpected circumstances to transition into the new phase in their lives. However, mediums highly tuned gifts, enables them to offer an unforeseen sense of comfort to many spouses, by giving them another opportunity of communicate again with their lost spouse.

It’s quite painful when we lose a close relative of ours and many of us could never imagine moving on without our beloved relatives by our sides. With the help of psychic mediums however, we can easily reconnect with our beloved deceased relatives.

Just like with a family member, losing a friend leaves us with so much pain to deal with. With the help of psychic mediums however, we can be sure of reconnecting with them even after life.Knowing that you still have the support of someone who was close to you can help you move on and put your grief to rest. Psychic mediums can offer you the peace of mind you’ve been looking for with just one reading.

Regardless of your age, death is never something that is easy to accept. Nevertheless, with the help of one of our psychic mediums, we get to understand what happens when crossing over to the other side and exactly where our loved ones are now and it sure makes us somehow sure they are much still with us as they were when they were still in our world.  Talk to our live psychics today!


Rune Stones

Posted on September 30, 2014 by Zenory

 Rune stones are another tool used by psychics during psychic readings. Rune stones have been used for a very, very long time for accurate psychic readings. Rune stones have different symbols on them which the caster reads to determine the answers to your questions. Rune stones are not always made of stone, and can be made of almost anything such as glass, wood, clay and other materials. You do not have to buy rune stones, you could choose some stones you find outdoors and put the symbols on them yourselves if you like. Some readers swear by pre-made ruin stones, while other psychics feel just as strongly about creating their rune stones themselves. It is up to each psychic reader, and you yourself, what preference you have and what works best for you.

The more rune stones are cast and the more the psychic becomes attuned and attached to them, the more accurate information seems to be given to their personal rune stones. The more your energies combine with those of the rune stones, the more in sync the information coming seems to be. Many clients, although skeptical at first are quite surprised at how accurate and in depth a psychic reading using rune stone is.

You can ask about love, relationships, career, finances, or just about anything when getting a rune stone psychic reading. Although there are not as many rune stones as there are tarot cards in a tarot deck, a wealth of information can accurately come forward. Many clients that have tried a psychic reading using rune stones for the first time have enjoyed it so much that it was not their last. Rune stones are another great method that anyone can use to give a psychic reading or begin their journey to discovering their own psychic gifts.The symbols for rune stones are universal, and can be found online. During your journey through life you can pick and choose stones that speak to you or resonate with you in some way and print the symbols on them yourself. Soon enough you will have your own personal set of rune stones that you already have a connection with. There are many classes and different methods to casting runs stones to give psychic readings as either a professional psychic like the ones on our site or just for fun for yourself and your friends and family.



Phone Psychic Readings

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Zenory


 A live phone psychic reading is a powerful way to get answers to your burning questions about your love life, whether you will find your soulmate and so much more.  As we assist you in gaining clarity in areas such as healing, romance, career advice or what the future holds for you, our specialised and gifted psychics are available via our high-quality phone call service.

Our gifted psychics are here for you whenever you want to place a call.  It is so convenient to reach us, without even having to step out of the house.  You can call on a home phone, cell phone or office phone; choose the most convenient method for you.

After you sign up with ZENORY your phone calls are kept completely private.  This gives you the ability to speak openly with your psychic to get those important answers you crave.  When you register with us, you list the phone number that you want to use for the calls and then we will connect you with the psychic of your choice.  You are charged per minute once we connect you to your chosen psychic, and you can talk for as long as you want day or night.

Our psychics are friendly and welcoming, with caring and compassionate personalities.  We find clarity in the situations that you want to know more about.  Now is the time to seek out answers to your most pressing questions.  We have excellent psychic skills and a sort after range of quality and experience to help guide and aide you through your spiritual journey.  Simply click  “Online Psychics” to see the profiles of our psychics and find the psychic reader that fits your preferences. For tips for your first psychic reading and how to choose the best psychic reader for you click here for more info

Phone psychic readings are rewarding in so many ways.  What you learn in the calls can help you to heal.  The calls also assist you in coming to terms with the past or preparing for the future, as you connect to amazing spiritual energy in your phone psychic readings.  You will feel a powerful sense of control after the phone psychic reading is done.  The valuable answers you gain by talking to our expert psychics help you to make knowledgeable decisions and to gain insights into the world around you.

Call us to learn about relationship issues, financial problems, romantic inquiries or career-related matters.  Our psychic advice and suggestions are only a phone call away.  We look forward to helping you today!