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4 Of Wands Tarot Scope of the week – By Psychic Corrina

Posted on February 7, 2016 by Psychic Corrina

4 of wands tarot scope

A forecast of your week based on the Tarot


This is the first “tarot” scope for Zenory and as such it deserves a little introduction.

Different tarot decks might be used from week to week, and through the various decks look different, they all contain the same essential cards.

The style of reading for these little forecasts of your upcoming week will be “intuitive tarot”, which is combining a psychic gift with knowledge of the tarot cards.

Years ago when I was learning to master the tarot, I came across a book called intuitive tarot and those inner bells starting going off, which always means yes this is for YOU.  So, if you are wondering how it works, I tend to see into tarot cards like crystal balls that show me scenes or images of the upcoming future.

The vibrant colors and art can trigger messages, while the knowledge I’ve gained from studying various decks and books through the years is in the back of my mind as well. I believe your angels and guides (yes all of the ones you each have, that’s a big group I know), pick out the info.  They want you to know and bring it to the forefront of my mind so I can relay it to you. And in case you were wondering how one weekly forecast could apply to everyone reading it, it’s much like the horoscope you read in a magazine, only with a bit more spiritual purpose as I have asked your angels to guide the words and then bring you here to read their message to you.

Whatever part of the reading pops out for you is an especially strong message to you this week.

That said, as I tune into this week’s card, the 4 of wands, I am flooded by pleasant feelings of inspiration, as well as seeing financial well-being which is in store for you this week. If you have been feeling tight with funds, you will catch a break, a windfall, an extra discount, or a commission which will fatten your wallet a bit so you can afford that little something you’ve had your eye on, or pay that bill that’s been nagging at you and keeping you anxious while you try to catch some sleep at night.

And how about that inspiration?   Creativity will be extra strong for you this week on Wednesday and Saturday, though you will refine the ideas you get with some fine-tuning work on Thursday and Friday. This week will also include some adrenalin rushes, as there’s some extra excitement after Wednesday, towards the end of your week. Indeed you will see a cherished goal manifest or get some wonderful attention from a person you’ve been wanting to connect with more.

As for bad news, there isn’t any this week, so try to keep it that way by thinking positively as much as you can, or not thinking at all since thinking in itself can be a trap.   Be on the lookout for 2 people who cross your path this week and act as earth angels for you, they may be strangers offering help, or an acquaintance offering a message which will resonate in your heart or guide you further about the solution to a problem or dilemma.

All in all, it should be a good one, as your passions stir you in the right direction at work and in love, and you remain focused on your goals.  Just be sure to lay off the caffeine after 3 pm because this week has enough blood pumping through your heart to keep you going.