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How do you really know if your ex was the one that got away?

Posted on July 12, 2016 by Psychic Ruby

was your ex the one that got away?

How do you really know if your ex was the one that got away?

The one that got away is someone who stands out amongst your past relationships.  The one that got away may refer to someone who always presents themselves in your thoughts, you often question yourself how the two of you may have ended up if you were still together.  They come through to you in hard times, and also in good times.  Reflecting back sometimes makes your heart weak, but also makes you think if life would be any different.

The one that got away isn’t the one that tore your heart to pieces, but often, no cheating, no real major issues.  But perhaps things didn’t work out because of a timing issue, immature, age, distance, on different paths at the time, or you may have found both of your paths were on a different

Love can be complicated, and in sometimes we reflect on things when the emotions have settled and gain more understanding and perspective about the issues that we had to encounter during the course of the relationship.

Love can be, if not complicated, it sometimes ends for no reason.  We all have that one ex,  the one that got away.  That one person who you loved without boundaries but vanished for reasons that can’t be understood or explained.  You know your ex is the one that got away when you ended in good terms.  Sure, we can feel heart broken in most breakups, but more so some are worst then others.  You know your ex is the one that got away when you lost them before even noticing.  It all seemed so perfect, yet, it ended just like that.

You know they are the one that got away when you have nothing but good memories. The only bad memory with the one that got away is the memory of them walking away.  When you think about them even when you´re trying to forget them.  If you cry for them it is not because you´re angry but because you are clueless. You have no explanation for why you broke up. Maybe the universe didn´t want you to be together. Maybe you were just too perfect together. Maybe you are meant to get together in the future. Maybe in another life, maybe in another place, but not now.

The one that got away holds no grudge. You delete them from Facebook, not because you hate them, but because it seems so odd to picture them without you. Once again, you´re alone, yet you don´t feel devastated. The one that got away didn´t leave a huge whole in your heart, they were just a temporary piece that was never meant to be there. It seemed like they were the perfect fit for your puzzle, but it was all an illusion. A beautiful and brief illusion.

These are, perhaps, the best kind of exes.  They don´t leave you with a huge injury, they just vanished without leaving a trace. You don´t remember them as a bad person who broke your heart.  You remember the one that got away as the person who gave you the chance to be a part of their lives for a brief moment.  Lessons were learned.  Now you can apply what you learned with another person. You´re both grateful that it happened, yet sad that it ended.

Maybe it´s not over yet. Maybe your paths are destined to cross later in life.   Just one thing is certain.  That time is definitely not now.  That time may never arrive. For some odd reason, it is easier to forget the one that got away. Maybe it´s because the break-up was so natural it didn´t even hurt.

How to know if your ex-was the one that got away?  You will instantly know it without effort. Before you realize it, the relationship will have ended with no explanation. It may seem completely normal for a couple to break up without fighting or arguing. However, this is actually incredibly rare as it only happens with the one that got away.

Perhaps you might have another ex like this one in the future.  An ex who never meant to hurt you in the first place.  An ex who vanished faster than they came to your life.

If you had an ex who got away, don´t feel bad when it ends, for you will have learned a lot.  You will surely learn more than you will suffer.