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5 More Ways to get Closure after a Messy Breakup

Posted on April 7, 2019 by Psychic Ruby

5 ways to find closure after a breakup

5 more ways to get Closure after a messy breakup

There are many times in our life when we must find closure after a lost love, and it is always a difficult time.

You will need to trust that closure will come no matter if all it takes is a conversation, or if you need to have a psychic reading to help you out.

If you don’t let go and move on from a relationship, it can cause you to lack the emotional availability to let others into your life in future. You will know when you have had closure because it feels like a sense of finality and resolution.

Often, it gives you the ability to walk away understanding what you need to do to move on with your life.

This doesn’t have to mean you can let people in again right away, but that you can successfully focus on your own healing.

This blog will outline 5 common ways people choose to go about gaining closure. Every breakup is different, so these are not sure-fire rules that will feel like clockwork.

Closure takes time. It’s important to have the patience and tolerance that one day you will experience it.

Ask All The Questions

If you’re on speaking terms with your ex, closure can be received from a conversation. It can be tricky to do this straight after a breakup, because the angry and hurt feelings you experience towards each other are at their strongest and will overwhelm the conversation.

You will know in your heart when it is time to reach out for closure’s sake – it will be when you no longer think of them and feel rage build up, or long for what could have been.

When you have this conversation, the main thing you need to ask to gain closure – even though you may hate to hear the answers – is ‘why?’ This question has probably been burning inside you and you need to ask it to feel at peace.

By asking it, the aim is to finally understand the situation from their perspective, as closure comes through empathy. Ask all the questions you need to in order to begin to feel that empathy and try your hardest to be open to it.   

Find a Support System

A support system is key to gaining any closure, because after a break up you will often feel the need to vent, and you cannot move forward without letting out your emotions as they occur.

Whether it is a group of friends, a family member, or a beloved pet, make sure you have someone you can express your emotions to as they come.

A support system should be free of judgement, be able to comfort you in your time of need and let you vent without hesitation or anxieties.

They can be hard to find, so treasure your support system if you have one, but don’t waste time with those who don’t feel authentic with their support.

Write Letters

Letters are a powerful way to gain closure, and they can be a great alternative to a physical support system.

Let the person who hurt you know everything you are feeling. You don’t need to send them; just writing things down on paper is enough to get it out of your overwhelmed head.

Keeping a notebook and a pen handy when your hurt feelings are fresh is a really great idea.

This gives you the opportunity to write down your emotions as soon as they start to rise to the surface can provide you with a lot of clarity and free you of the harms that come with keeping things bottled up.

A Tactile Approach

This is one step further from writing letters. If words just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to take a tactile approach. One way to do this is to collect all the items that are left of the person who hurt you.

These can be photographic memories, gifts, their belongings – anything that is physical and that you still have hanging around. These items will have surely bothered you since being hurt and their presence is no longer necessary in your life.

It doesn’t matter that the piece of jewellery they gave you was expensive, or that you only have that one copy of a particular photograph of the two of you. In order to let go of that person from your life, you need to physically let go of the associations they hold.

Once you have collected the items, what you do with them will ultimately be how you symbolise your ability to let go. If you keep them in a box – in your room or in the attic, that’s not letting go as you are still hoarding these items. Throw them out!

Talk to a Psychic

If you are really struggling to gain closure and these tips have not helped, it could mean many things in accordance with the universe.

Maybe the two of you were not meant to be over just yet, or maybe there is still a lesson to be learned from your relationship that has not yet been learned.

Getting a psychic reading can assist you in deciphering what the universe is trying to tell you from this situation and aid you towards your correct path.

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