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Career tarot readings can tell us a lot about our work—an important aspect of our lives. Most people spend an around 40 hours a week at their job, which is a huge commitment, so you want to make sure your job is the right one for you. Tarot readings for career guidance can help us on our life path to clarify our true callings.

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Tarot Readings for Career Changes

If you feel as though you are in a state of unrest at your job or in your field of work, but you can’t seem to pinpoint why, it could be an excellent time to get a tarot reading, as the cards offer spiritual guidance that brings some clarity to tricky situations. It may be that the energies in your work environment are out of whack, or that the universe has something else in mind for your life path altogether.

At the same time, if we are feeling confident in our careers, but are experiencing a time of shifting roles and routines, a tarot reading for career enhancement can help. This could involve recent promotion or restructuring—situations in which our routine is out of alignment, and just needs to be re centred. Tarot cards provide the guidance that we may find is necessary to continue to enhance our career, and move forward beyond the disconnect.

Job Interview Preparation Online

Whether you are going for a job within your field, or aiming to try something completely new and exciting, it can be a good idea to get a tarot reading for a job interview, to help you accurately prepare.

A tarot reading can tell you the vibe that the interview could hold, and it can give you insights into the potential held within the role you are applying for. Most importantly, it can give you some guidance and reassurance about how to best approach the interview, so that you can go in with confidence.

Career tarot readings with Zenory

At Zenory, we strive to provide you with accurate readings that you can trust. Our psychics are highly skilled professionals who have the gifts needed to provide you with confidence and clarity, so you can reach your career goals.