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Learning about your astrology sign is very helpful towards gaining insights on your personal traits. Horoscopes can help us to decipher where we hold strengths and likewise what our weaknesses are. There are 12 zodiac signs divided up throughout the year, and your personal zodiac is based on your birthday.

At Zenory, we can help you decipher your astrological signs to develop an in-depth horoscope that can be incredibly insightful towards many different aspects of your life. This isn't anything like reading your horoscope in a magazine – this is a heavily-researched and developed service that is catered to you personally, and can be chillingly accurate.

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What Is Astrology?

Astrology is about reading the positions of the stars, planets, sun and moon in relation to earth at particular times in order to gauge the relationship they have with our individual lives. There are twelve constellations of stars in the sky that make up the twelve zodiacs, and their position in the sky is believed to have a direct link with the people here on earth, through a non-linear force that connects the universe.

Your individual zodiac sign is determined by your date of birth. The area of sky that is 8° north or south of the sun at the date you are born is what is considered your sun sign. This is the sign that represents your personality and traits overall, and is often what you'll see when you read your horoscopes in a magazine.

Knowing what time and city you were born in is also important to determining your astrological path. These factors are involved in a more holistic approach to astrology, which is incredibly helpful for learning about how we interact with others and the world around us. As well as a sun sign, you also have a unique moon sign and ascendant (rising) sign.

While your sun sign determines your self traits, your moon sign can give you insights into your inner self – your emotions and fears and the way you react to situations. Your ascendant sign represents the impressions you project into the universe, and so can give you important insights into how others might see you.

Astrology can reveal many different things about us at different points in our lives. The position of the planets in the sky also has an effect on our astrological signs both holistically and on a day-to-day basis. Since the universe is never stationary, the positioning of astrology has a different effect on us every single day. Astrology can determine how our relationships with ourselves, our family, friends and loved ones interact from day to day. It can also determine how our mood and traits will affect our goals and individual life path.

Origins of Astrology

Astrology has been around since very early human times. We have constantly been searching for meaning in the sky. The first lunar cycles recorded were in the form of markings on cave walls, dating back 25,000 years ago. Since then, it has been apparent throughout many different societies in history. Its birth is generally credited to the Babylonians, as they developed astrological charts which allowed them to decipher seasons and astrological patterns.

The zodiac however, was developed in Ancient Egypt. Astrologers in Egypt discovered the twelve constellations that linked to the progression of the sun in the lunar cycle. They assigned these constellations to the names of the zodiac signs that we know well today. They also subdivided these twelve signs into four groups: fire signs, water signs, air signs and earth signs.

The Difference between Astrology and Horoscopes

Whereas astrology is the overarching study of the positions of objects in the sky - heavily associated with astronomy, a horoscope is a single diagram or chart that graphically represents astrological patterns. These charts show the planets and the zodiac signs, and the job of an astrologer is to make insightful connections between them and the astrological reasoning behind them which guide the user's life.

Getting an Astrology Reading

Astrology is such a complicated field of pseudo-science. It is not only about harnessing energies, but involves heavily deciphering charts and being intuitive with the universe. Astrologers are often incredibly accurate in their readings because they have the science of the universe behind them.

At Zenory, we have professional astrologers who can help you to gain insights in the stars to help influence many different aspects of your life. Your zodiac sign can tell you things about your career, finances, travel, relationships and compatibility that can be incredibly helpful towards guiding your life path.

An astrology reading can easily be received online, by phone or via chat. You don't need to know your star sign to get a reading: only your birthday – and for an even deeper reading your birth time and place. So don't hesitate – get your astrology reading with Zenory today.