Psychic Quality

Our Psychic Readers

Tested, Compassionate, and Professional

At Zenory we aim to provide you with the utmost quality psychic reading experience. Our goal is to empower and help you in the adversity, journey you have to encounter with real quality psychic readers. We strive for the best quality psychic readers rather than a larger quantity of psychic readers. Although we have received and continue to receive hundreds of applicants to join Zenory, only a very few are able to pass our test psychic readings, and meet our ethical code of standards and professional practices.

Anyone can say they have psychic gifts, so we make sure during our interview process that the psychic readers we have chosen possess those psychic gifts . Customer satisfaction is key and top priority to us, and although we understand each reader has a unique delivery and style, they must all interact with clients in a respectful, professional manner. We also expect our customers to be respectful and professional while they interact with our psychics as well. We require customer testimonials and feedback from previous customers once the test psychic readings have been completed and meet our standards and code of ethics.

Zenory does not allow the selling of spells, curses, curse removal, expensive candle sales or burnings, aura cleansing, or any other unethical practice meant to prey on vulnerable customers. Please do not ask our psychic readers to perform these scams, and should a psychic on our site attempt to sell such scams to you, please alert customer service immediately. We value each customers business and encourage you to take advantage of our feedback system. Leave your own feedback for the psychic readers you have spoken to, and read the feedback left for psychic readers you have spoken to. We want customers to have their voices heard and to assist other customers in choosing the right psychic for them, and the feedback system provides customers with exactly this opportunity.

All our psychics have a 90 day probation period and occasionally we will do follow up test psychic readings with those readers to make sure they are still up to our code of standards and ethics. Please feel free to contact our customer service team with any questions, concerns and feedback at any time and we will be more than happy to assist you.