Psychic Reader Guidelines

Psychic Guidelines, Ethics, and application

If you are interested in becoming a psychic reader at Zenory, please carefully read through our Reader's Terms and Conditions before applying. We take our reputation as a quality psychic service very seriously, and to be considered as a psychic reader on our site, you need to as well:

1. Clients are in search of readers at all hours of the day and night, so we need psychic readers dedicated to logging on and being available to provide those readings to them. We understand that things in life do happen, and should you need an extended period of time away from giving psychic readings, please let us know as soon as you can. Any advisor that is unavailable for for an extended or too limited amount of time will be removed from the site to offer the opportunity to another psychic reader.

2. No selling of spells, aura cleansing, curse removal or any other such tactic. Any reader caught doing so will be terminated and any monies made from such psychic readings may be confiscated and returned to the client.

3. Do not offer your email address, website address, phone number or any other personal information to clients, and do not accept them or ask for them from clients. Doing so will lead to immediate termination.

4. A copy of your drivers license or passport will be required as proof of identity for you to be paid. If you are found using a photo of anyone other than yourself, Zenory will terminate you from the site.

5. All content and claims made by you for your Zenory listing are your responsibility. Zenory will not be held responsible for the content of your psychic listing. You will be asked to write your psychic listing, and by submitting it to us, you accept that all content is your responsibility and liability. If any claims need proof before we can publish your listing, we will ask you for such proof. If no proof can be given, it must be left out of your listing.

6. All psychic readings on Zenory must be private and confidential. Please respect the privacy of clients and do not divulge any clients psychic readings.

7. Feedback is important to both clients and psychic readers. We understand that it is upsetting to receive bad feedback, and that you cannot please everyone. If you have received bad feedback you do not feel is fair, please contact us and explain why. Not all feedback will be removed, but in some cases where it is the fault of the system or another extenuating circumstance we may be able to remove it. Any manipulation of our feedback system will result in termination. We do not tolerate padding of feedback.

8. Be courteous and professional at all times. We at Zenory know that you cannot always provide a positive outcome to clients, but you can always deliver any outcome with professionalism and courtesy. If a client has been discourteous to you, please bring it to our attention immediately as we will not tolerate abuse to our readers.

9. All psychics applying to Zenory are required to give 2 psychic readings to our testers in order to be accepted.

10. Please submit all work experience in order to be considered for hire on Zenory.