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Psychic Joy Elle can feel your energy and also pick up on the energy around you - enabling her to bring you peace, love, healing, insight and comfort. Joy is a Clairvoyant Medium, Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Clair Empathic psychic.

I can also offer Channeling, Mind Reading, Animal Communication and Spiritual Counseling on Love and Relationships, Career, Health, and Past Lives are also gifts that I can assist you on your souls journey.I look forward to giving you an enlightening and illuminating reading. Specialising in Intuitive and Medium Readings.

Joy can give you messages as she names the spirits (alive or deceased) in your energy in order to bring you peace that your subconscious is holding onto. Her Psychic Intuition, and assistance from your loved ones, and Angels, and Guides into your life path will allow her to answer questions in your Career, Health, Love and Relationships.

Psychic Joy has been providing Intuitive Medium Readings through her own ministry since 2004. Joy works with many organizations in the spiritual and metaphysical communities as well as guiding Indigo and Crystal children.

Skills and Qualifications: Ordained MinisterCertified CantorCertified Reiki MasterChakra BalancerTheta Healer Mind ReaderSpiritual Counselor Animal communicatorJoy also holds a Bachelor of Divinity Degree from Universal Brotherhood and was Certified at The Johane Rutledge School of Intuition and the Cristovao Brihlo Institute for Crystal Healing.

"I look forward to helping you cleanse your life, so you can have guidance and healing in the choices you are making on your life path.

I will help you recognize your soul's purpose in this life. I'll help you understand and embrace the Soul Plan you created for your learning before entering this life. Release limiting beliefs with powerful energy techniques. Access joy, forgiveness, acceptance, and find greater fulfilment in your life and relationships. I can help you."

If I'm not available, please message me through the Zenory Internal eMail to schedule your reading and I will get back to you as soon as possible