Psychic Rekha

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Psychic Rekha comes with a wealth of experience. Psychic Rekha is a Certified Tarot Reader from Rajasthan in India. She has also studied a Diploma in Astrology along with a Diploma in Numerology, Crystal Healing Therapy, she is also a trained Reiki Practitioner. I have more than 10 years of experience in dealing with clients from all over the world and specialising in Love and Relationships and Business Readings. My readings are combination of all knowledge and Intuition.

My main focus is on tarot readings and numerology. I have also been part of lot of events and product events conducted by different companies and hotels related to Tarot. My intention is to guide, help and inspire my clients to the best course of action. Most of my clients have been through word of mouth and repeated regular clients. Other Relevant Credentials: I studied Engineering and Post graduated in English literature.

And began my career as a Counsellor and Advisor by providing friends with insights into their relationships. I have been celebrity Tarot Reader in Taj Group of hotels by counselling all national and international clients for 10 years.

I have been part of web portal called Ask Ganpati Seven Years ago where I have gained experience in learning online business and handling global clients across the world. I have been into Tarot Teaching and have taught more than 150 people all around the world.I have worked as private counsellor for some of business clients and few startups and guiding them on regular basis.

If I'm offline, please send me an email through the Zenory system, and we can arrange for a time :)

Blessings xxx