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Welcome my name is Ruby and I'm a 3rd generation Psychic with over 25 years of experience in the Psychic Industry.

I have been serving clients around the world which stretches across New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, United States and much more.

Psychic Ruby is highly regarded for her high accuracy, yet HONEST and ETHICAL approach.

With the experience that I have gained over the many years, I have learned that in life there is so much out there for us and sometimes we just need a little nudge or push in the right direction to keep us on our path or guide us to our inner pull.

When I speak about your "inner pull" I'm referring to your true calling. That place burning inside of you which tells you where you really should be going, but quite often we let our minds get in the way. It is my aim today to bring you the guidance and clarity that you need to move forward and become unstuck in your situation. Together we will work toward a plan to get you to a much happier place in your life, living a life of abundance and peace.

Through my love psychic readings, I will tune into your energy and connect with the energy around you.

Some of the typical questions that clients like to ask me are below, and maybe you also have similar questions that you need answers to:


Is my relationship meant to be or is it going to last?

Should I move on or let go?

How does he/she truly feel about me?

When will I hear from the one I love?

Do you see my ex coming back?

Do we have a future together?

When will things get to a better place?

Together as we discover your path to love, peace and true happiness, I will get right to the point and waste no time in assisting you.

As a 3rd generation psychic my abilities and gifts have given me the privilege of being able to assist YOU in your life journey.

Please note:

I do not and will never offer to do spells for anyone. If your wanting the TRUTH and your ready to hear it, I'm the reader for you.

I will always be honest, but deliver the truth with kindness and compassion.

I look forward to meeting you, with many blessings

xx Ruby xxoo