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Welcome to Zenory and thank you for visiting my profile! I am a Psychic Visionary, Astrologer, Tarot Master, and author of 'Tarot Boot Camp'.

When you come into my chat, we will start with your heartfelt questions, together with your name, Date of Birth, City, State and Country you were born in so I can pull your birth chart. This way I'll be able to see very clearly where you're headed and what opportunities or obstacles lie on your path in front of you.

I will say a prayer, open a channel to my spiritual connection and pull a Celtic Cross Tarot spread to see what advice or obstacles the cards reveal about your situation.

I learned the Tarot through my life experiences and the visions I received from my spiritual connection, and the Ascended Masters that were assigned to me, which I met through my visions and dreams. My spiritual connection told me that I was going to write six Tarot Boot Camp Books, and they are in process right now.

When something major is going to happen in my life, my spiritual connection talks to me through visions, dreams, voices or the Tarot. Sometimes I am shown a Tarot Card that flashes before me, many times, representing the timing of a situation, which I have learned to pay attention to as a warning of an impending surprise.

As an example: I was flashed the Five of Pentacles three times, and this card represents financial loss or sickness. I lost my job, and two roommates, three financial losses in the month of March, and within 3 weeks of the vision.

In the beginning of my spiritual journey, when I was younger, I never listened to the messages I received until the day I was told to go home NOW… I ignored the message and learned a lesson the hard way. I went shopping that day and parked my car in front of the store and when I came out “Black Beauty" was gone, and there was a torrent downpour and the slot that my car was parked in was bone dry and “Black Beauty" had vanished!

Years later, I met the Master Chin Yin from China at a retreat. When I met her, I saw her Aura around the outside of her body, but also saw the colors of her chakras on the inside of her body, and that was the day my life changed forever. After that I went on a sort of hiatus, searching but never finding what I needed, until I found a good teacher and mentor who helped me open up my abilities, and we worked through all the blocks I had until everything started to flow in the right direction.

We are here to learn about ourselves and clean up our past so we can find our future. We need to find the right career that has a special meaning, the right relationship, friendships or like-minded people that will help us bond with the right path. I believe that we have to cut the cords with our vows and contracts sometimes to find our true self and where we are headed, sometimes a painful experience, and we do not see the beauty in this experience until later down the road.

I learned there are hidden prophecies, unexpected timings related to our life path. I also learned that the Tarot Cards that are enumerated five represent the time of an unknown, unexpected change, which was revealed through the visions I had. The universe will redirect your path and change the direction you are headed, a sometimes painful experience.

I live on the West Coast of the United States (Pacific Standard Time), and work the hours of 12:00 noon to 2: 00 a.m.

If I'm not available, please send me a message through the Zenory Internal eMail to schedule your reading.