Psychic Zen

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Psychic Zen is a spiritual reader with many years of experience in psychic readings specializing in love and relationships, career and over all questions of life.

"I tune in to your energy through mind, body and spirit and allow myself to get deeper insight in to life and what surrounds you. To answer those questions close to your heart. I also use tarot cards and crystal visioning with the help of my spirit guides to answer your questions."

I first discovered my ability from a very young age and from this point I made the decision to grow and learn more about my gift, I have traveled to some of the most spiritual and ancient corners of the world to work with and live with spiritual people in order to learn and grow wisdom from them. My favorite place would have been living in the mountains of China in beautiful ancient caves which were transformed in to small homes for local monks, I spent a long time here learning from what I believe to be some of the best spiritual leaders in the world.

To have the ability to guide people on their journeys in life and answer questions that enable a person to make the right decisions in order to live a life of true contentment and joy is the greatest privlidge.

I am not just a spiritualist and psychic, before I began my spiritual journey in life I was a qualified counselor and Life Coach, these key skills as well as my spiritual gifts have enabled myself the ability to really bring forth direct, truthful and compassionate answers of deep intuition but also of knowledge and wisdom.

I look forward to reading for you and answering those questions close to your heart,

Love and Light,