Psychic Reader Terms and Conditions

Readers Terms and Conditions

Readers are more than welcome to join the community of Hootie Limited Trading as Zenory which is now allowing you complete access into the reader’s section of the website at and their other associate sites: and

Zenory offers the site to enhance communication between individual customers and readers through various forms of communication. Customers are usually looking for services like life coaching, psychological insight and astrology. A customer can use and access the reader’s section of the website by accepting the rules and regulations laid down by this agreement.

1. Membership – Rules & Regulations

1.1. When a person has made up his mind to join Zenory to provide their services, they are asked to register and submit all required information in our ‘Become a Reader’ tab.

1.2. You will need Zenory’s prior approval to become a reader. Approval rests at the discretion of Zenory and applicants will be taken under consideration after their applications have been studied. If accepted, readers will be provided with their respective profile page.

1.3. Readers need to guarantee the following:

  • They should be 18 years old or above.
  • Information provided on registration form is true to the last word.
  • Will perform the task of updating reader information as required to keep it synchronized with reality.
  • Will pick a user name for their use when they are willing and available to work for the website.
  • Will keep the password required to access the services, a complete secret.
  • Will be accountable and responsible for activities occurring from under that particular reader name.
  • Will notify Zenory immediately if they feel that the confidentiality of their login information has been compromised.

1.4. Zenory has the right to terminate a reader’s membership without reason at any point of time under their discretion.

2. Transaction Processes and available services

2.1. Zenory will give readers direct access to video/chat/phone or email systems for communications, allowing readers to facilitate direct communication with customers.

2.2. The customers have the flexibility of choosing their readers. Once they have arrived at this decision, the reader has to agree to provide services. Once there is a mutual agreement, Zenory facilitates the communication between readers and customers.

2.3. Readers are rated by customers post interaction. These ratings are available for viewing on the site. Zenory will not be responsible for ratings or feedback left behind by customers.

2.4. Zenory will organize occasional monitoring and recording of an active interactive session to help identify areas for improvements in the services of the website.

3. Payment Pricing Structures

3.1. Readers will choose there per minute rate charge from the available pricing list for the chat sessions.

3.2. The chat session will be charged based on the Reader’s chosen per minute rate with all payments converted to New Zealand Dollars. International currencies will be subject to the fluctuations in the exchange rates.

3.3. Readers are required to have an active bank account to which the Reader’s payment will be credited. The Reader is solely responsible for any maintenance fees or fees incurred through the receipt of funds into the Reader’s bank account.  

3.4. Where a Customer fails to pay for the advice session, the Reader will not receive payment and any costs to Zenory associated with the provision of the services may be deducted from other sums payable to the Reader. The Reader agrees to assist Zenory for the steps required to recover unclear payments.

3.5. There are no connection fees for the chat services.

3.6. Zenory reserves the right to amend it’s payment pricing structure from time to time. Any continuation of provision of services by the Readers constitutes an acceptance of the amended payment pricing structure.

3.7. Readers will be entitled to a fee for providing advice sessions. Such fees will be paid to the nominated bank account of the Reader. The fees payable to each Reader will be accrued on account of the Reader until they reach the minimum level of $200 at which time the Reader will receive payment of its fees on a fortnightly basis. If, for reasons outside of the control of Zenory any fees are not paid to the Reader on the due date, Zenory will not be liable to the Reader for any losses or other costs associated with the temporary delay in payment.

3.8. Readers are solely responsible and liable for the payment of any and all taxes or other deductions required whatsoever and Zenory has no responsibility or liability for the same.

3.9. Zenory has the right to deduct their commission immediately upon receipt of cleared payment from the Customer.

3.10. Any charges will be based on the time recorded on the Zenory communications network and no disputes regarding charges (except in the case of manifest error) will be entertained.

3.11. All charges to a customer’s credit card will be made in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

3.12. Where Zenory is required to make any deductions from payments due to Readers (to Inland Revenue or any other government authority) the amount will be raised to an extent necessary to ensure Zenory retains the appropriate sum required to meet its agreed commission had there been no withholding or deduction.

3.13. In the event that a Reader’s account is terminated (on the reader’s request or under the discretion of Zenory), Zenory reserves the right to withhold the entire or a percentage period of the earnings owed to the Reader for a timeframe of six months starting from the date the account has been terminated to cover any unpaid bill costs. Upon the expiration of this period, Zenory will transfer the earnings to the Reader after necessary deductions if any have been made.

3.14. Should a Reader wish to use the services of another Reader on this site, the Reader may elect to either have the charges deducted from its fees or pay by credit card.

3.15. Where a Reader has not accessed their account or provided advice for a period of 18 months, their account will, at the sole discretion of Zenory, be terminated, at which point any unpaid earnings will be forfeited to Zenory. 

4. Code of Conduct for the Reader

4.1. Readers are expected to do the following:

  • Will agree to the rules and regulations laid out on this agreement.
  • Will reveal true details about degrees, qualifications, skills, background and other information on the website and shall not resort to fake disclosures.
  • Ready to acknowledge that all content of the services provided by the reader becomes property of Zenory and Zenory may use the said content in any way they want.
  • Agrees that all reader-customer interaction must happen within the site’s communication framework and platform.
  • Will discourage the customer opting for a competitor’s services.
  • Will refrain from manipulating customer feedback ratings.
  • Will not communicate through the website or a session message which could be deemed abusive, harassing, defamatory, racist or otherwise unacceptable.
  • Will keep customer’s personal information confidential and maintain their privacy.

4.2. Readers will use the site within the fair laws and will not:

  • Use the site in a manner that may disable or impair the site and interfere with someone else’s viewing of the site.
  • Attempt to get unauthorized access to any other reader’s account.
  • Attempt to obtain information that is not made available on the site.

5. Representation and Warranty

5.1. Readers warrant the following:

  • They possess the required intellectual and knowledge property rights to provide services.
  • The agreement constitutes the reader’s binding commitment enforceable against him according to the terms.

6. Disclaimer

No warranty implied or express is made with respect to Zenory. Zenory does not warrant that the facilities they make available to the reader will meet their requirements. Zenory is also not accountable for the accuracy, safety, quality, truth, legality or acceptability of any of the things said or written during an advice session. Zenory will also be under no circumstances be liable to compensate the reader or any other person who may have suffered damages due to the usage of the site which may be a case of virus transmission, loss of data and loss of profit.

7. Indemnity

7.1. The reader is liable to release and compensate Zenory against losses of any kind incurred by him or her, if the reader fails to comply with the agreement or failure to provide the service or complete an advice session.

8. Miscellaneous

8.1. Hootie Limited Trading as Zenory in Wellington, New Zealand looks after the site’s control, administration and operations. The website is accessible over the Internet worldwide. The reader has to acknowledge that the agreement is being governed under the laws of New Zealand and acceptance means submission to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New Zealand courts.

8.2. If Zenory is required to press legal charges to enforce any of its legal rights or to collect any monetary settlement as such, the reader is liable to reimburse Zenory for the costs Zenory may have incurred while seeking legal aid.

8.3. Zenory holds the power of changing this agreement at any point of time. Changes will be effective from the date they are made and the reader’s continued use of the site is a sign of acceptance. Readers are encouraged to check the agreement regularly.

8.4. The reader should not misunderstand Zenory’s failure to insist on strict performance of any of the provisions mentioned in this agreement as a waiver.

8.5. Except for the purposes mentioned earlier in clause 3.5, nothing in this agreement will create an agency or employer or employee relationship between the reader and Zenory. 

8.6. If any of the provisions of this agreement are rendered invalid or impossible to implement, the other provisions will continue to remain intact.

8.7. Without Zenory’s prior written consent, no rights or obligation under this agreement should be assigned.

8.8. Any notice to be provided related to this agreement should be written in email transmission sent to the last known email address given by the reader on the registration details or by the reader to:

9. Contact

Those having any concerns relating to the site or this agreement should notify Zenory at