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Psychic Zodiac signs are not always necessary or used in psychic readings. Some readers do use zodiac signs in one way or another. If the psychic reading is being done by an astrologer for instance, zodiac signs and dates of birth will of course be necessary and used.

Even gifted psychics that do not consider themselves astrologers can find zodiac signs playing a role in the psychic readings they are giving.

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Tarot card reads often use the signs of the zodiac quite frequently in their psychic readings. There are zodiac sign tarot card decks that psychics find provide very accurate psychic readings.

There is even a zodiac sign spread that is commonly used by many tarot card readers.

The zodiac sign tarot spread uses 12 that each represent a house of the zodiac. Each house of the zodiac will have it's own meaning, in addition to the meaning of the tarot card that is placed there.

Psychic Zodiac signs also present themselves in psychic readings when it comes to predicting timing. Many psychics will tell a client during a psychic reading a zodiac sign. 

This zodiac sign represents a time frame instead of an exact date or time frame by month and day. Zodiac signs and dates of birth are also used by some psychics to help them read clients. 

Zodiac signs of the individuals the clients are asking about can be helpful too. Sometimes it is easier for the psychic to hone in on a person if they have their zodiac signs or birth dates. 

Other psychics don't require that information. Sometimes psychic readers will offer such services as compatibility charts for couples and use dates of birth and zodiac signs as well. 

When psychics use zodiac signs and your birthday (or someone else's) it is not the same as your daily horoscope. The psychic readings are much more in depth and personal. 

Daily horoscopes represent everyone on the planet with a particular zodiac sign. 

Zodiac signs and birthdays can help psychic readers provide you with time frames that may be difficult or challenging, and what times of the current year would be better than others to look for another job, buy a house or car, or enter a new relationship (or when your current relationship may face certain obstacles. 

We are all unique, different people, yet our birthdays, times and places of birth, and zodiac signs can help each one of us get a more personalised psychic reading in some cases.