Tarot Card Meanings

A tarot reading utilises a deck of 78 cards, 22 of which comprise the major arcana. Understanding tarot card meanings helps you make use of the guidance you receive during a professional tarot reading. Although it can take years to fully learn tarot, a basic working knowledge of the cards allows you to avail yourself of this ancient form of psychic reading.

Tarot cards carry a wealth of information and insight with them. You can try your hand at a tarot reading using our Personal Online Tarot Reading or receive a professional tarot reading from one of our talented Psychic Source Advisors.

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Tarot Card Meanings Outlined Below

Tower Card:

The tower on this card symbolizes a force in your life, such as a troublesome relationship or a source of anxiety. The appearance of the tower card during a reading could suggest freedom from the bonds of that force or a revelation about how to resolve it. The tower card can also signify transformation, change, or destruction.

Hanged Man Card

While this card might appear frightening, it actually represents a crossroads in one's life. It might indicate a need for reflection or consideration as you make an important decision. You might need to decide between two equally attractive paths, for example, or a personal revelation could be on the horizon.

Lovers Card

When the lovers card appears in a reading, it often refers to intimacy between romantic partners or to a choice you must make regarding an amorous relationship. If you have trouble revealing yourself to your significant other, this card might provide a sign about how to proceed.

Sun Card

Many tarot card meanings follow ambiguous and circuitous paths, leaving answers open to interpretation. The sun card, by contrast, indicates positivity and light. The white horse represents forward momentum in life's pursuits, while his youthful rider symbolizes the growth and rewards that accompany hard work and effort.

Star Card

The star card represents hope for the future and renewal on the horizon. It might indicate the need for a change in your life's course or the need to seek guidance from a higher power. It could also signify a renewal of faith in your personal life or a rekindling of trust.

Chariot Card

The appearance of the chariot card provides a reminder of the need for you to strike a balance between power and control. While the chariot surges forward with strength and purpose, the charioteer exercises caution and careful planning to reach his destination.

Justice Card

The justice card indicates the need for faith and fairness when making important decisions. The judge hands down decisions based on the facts of which he is aware, trusting his knowledge and moral compass to guide him. This card urges you to do the same.

Strength Card

The juxtaposition of the powerful lion and the white-clothed maiden represents the duality between physical prowess and internal fortitude. When this card surfaces during a reading, it often indicates that you should rely on the strength of your convictions, compassion, and courage rather than your physical tenacity.

High Priestess Card

As you learn more about tarot reading, you'll discover that many cards symbolize duality in some form or another. In the case of the High Priestess, the internal conflict lies between the external world and the subconscious. This card suggests that you've been avoiding an important aspect of your life that requires your attention.

Emperor Card

The emperor stands for authority. He rules with strength of conviction, but he tempers that certainty with compassion and generosity. When this card appears, you must exercise both virtues when making decisions that involve your own life and those of the people around you.

Death Card

Rather than a physical death, the death card represents the end of one phase of your life and the beginning of another. As you place a period at the end of one chapter, you turn the page and start fresh. This card might indicate the need to embrace a new path or destination.

Magician Card

Suggesting untapped potential, the magician card reminds you to trust your instincts and your inherent abilities as you move forward with your life. Like the magician in his garden, you can rely on your knowledge and intuition to make positive decisions and create a favorable outcome.

Moon Card

The complex illustration on the moon card suggests that you are struggling with a decision between many possibilities and that you are not listening to your intuition. You might be distracted by someone else's journey or afraid of the consequences of your actions; either way, listen to your subconscious after you see this card.

Hierophant Card

In both a religious and secular context, the hierophant card encourages you to delve into your spiritual side while you continue to honor the other aspects of your personality. The figure on the card symbolizes knowledge, and you might need to spend some time gaining knowledge on your own in order to solve a problem or make a decision.

World Card

The world card is a sign that you are nearing the end of a long and arduous journey, but that you must take those last few steps before you can turn over another leaf. You might be holding back out of misplaced loyalty to a previous situation or because you are scared of what waits around the bend.

Hermit Card

When you see the hermit card, you might be taking too much direction from the outside world. The hermit symbolizes inner peace and confidence, so you might want to spend some time by yourself — either physically or emotionally — in order to seek your own truth.

Devil Card

The devil card represents temptation and all the vices that hold people back. Maybe you are suffering from an addiction or perhaps you have made poor choices in love or finances. When learning to read tarot cards, you'll discover that the devil card cautions you to resist temptation in the interest of personal recovery or future happiness.

Judgment Card

This card in the major arcana represents an internal awakening. If you have experienced indecision, confusion, or difficulty in your life, the judgment card encourages you to face your fears and confront whatever difficult situation or circumstance you are facing.

Empress Card

An extremely positive omen, the empress card represents a positive female force in your life and a promise of great things to come. Maybe you have a fantastic opportunity in your future or an amazing revelation. This card signals abundance and spiritual or emotional cleansing.

Temperance Card

Waiting without acting is difficult, but the temperance card advises just that. It symbolizes the virtues of patience and moderation, encouraging you to remain calm as you wait for the next stage of your life or navigate life's confusing circumstances.

Fool Card

This major arcana card depicts the benefits of lightening your load and stepping off of sure ground into the unknown. When you have the confidence and courage to move outside your comfort zone or to take on new responsibilities, great things happen, but you might have to shirk some of your baggage to bring it about.

Wheel Card

The revolution of the wheel symbolizes changes in life and forward momentum. You might feel as though you are stuck in a rut, but you can take heart knowing that the wheel is always turning. 

A new opportunity or path will present itself, either because of decisions you have made or because of an unexpected event.

Learning the meaning of tarot cards helps you understand the hand you are dealt and interpret the signs you are given as you navigate changes in life, love, work, and family. Working with a professional tarot card reader is just as important, however, especially if you are about to make a big decision or if you have been struggling with a problem. 

The cards in the major arcana offer great insight and hope. 

Alternatively, talk with a tarot psychic at Zenory through an psychic reading either via psychic phone reading or online psychic chat to help you gain the insight and clarity that you need.