What is a Soulmate?

What is a Soulmate? 

The word "Soulmate" we’ve heard so often that we no longer stop to really ponder what it means. While there’s so much that can be said about this one word, let's attempt to breakdown the meaning, and perhaps slash some myths about what a soulmate is.

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As you may have heard, there are both romantic and non-romantic soulmates for each person. An example of a non romantic soulmate would be a dear pet, a friend who always felt like a kindred spirit, or even a creative partnership with extraordinary synergy.

A soulmate, in general, is a person (or being) that you feel very comfortable with, often instantly, and you have a feeling that you’ve known each other before, because you usually have in past lives. You have history together, both on the earth plane and on the spiritual plane, so there’s a sense of familiarity with each other and an instant connection.

When it comes to romantic soulmates, as Ariel Ford (author of The Soulmate Secret) says, “a soulmate is a person that you can be completely yourself with”.

We have more than one romantic soulmate, and that debunks the myth that there is one and only one soulmate for each person. However, you may have different soulmates who fit and match you at different times in your life.

Usually the soulmate who matches you when you have reached a certain level of evolution and enlightenment is called a twin flame, it’s your most enlightened soulmate relationship and once established it lasts a lifetime and beyond and it’s highlighted by a shared spiritual purpose.

Soulmates come into our lives to give us the lesson of deep love, sometimes that takes the form of unconditional love, and sometimes romantic and sexual ecstasy. 

It just depends on which lessons are on our plate at any given moment. When a relationship with a soulmate, particularly a romantic soulmate relationship, does not last, the pain can be excruciating. In such moments we experience the original “fall from grace”, the pain of separating from our source eons ago. 

This kind of heartbreak is often called “spiritual heartbreak” or a “dark night of the soul”. The only way to bounce back from a soulmate heartbreak, is to grow through it and then attract a better soulmate relationship, since falling in love with a soulmate heals the pain of previous heartbreaks.

When it comes down to it, soulmates give us an opportunity to grow at an accelerated rate, to feel the depths of love, and to experience expanded states of consciousness that would otherwise be very difficult to reach. 

Thus a soulmate can give us the experience heaven, hell, or often a little bit of both. Soulmates mirror the best and worst in us, in other words. 

Asking for a soulmate means that you are ready to take on an advanced lesson plan, and the preparation for a soulmate can be intense. 

The universe prepares us through healing our hearts, and then we experience further healing once the soulmate arrives

Soulmates also often help us fulfil our life purpose, whether through their energy, support, or adding their gifts and talents to our own.

When we embrace our lessons through soulmate connections or experiences, the good experiences we have with a soulmate are some of the most wonderful moments of our lives, which makes it worth the hardships along the way. 

We all hope to find a soulmate to live happily ever after with in a lasting romantic union. 

How can you attract your soulmate?  

The way to attract such a soulmate is to keep embracing and learning our spiritual lessons, and to embrace every non romantic soulmate who comes our way be it a friend, a pet, a coworker, or a family member.  Do you want to learn more about attracting your soulmate into your life?  When will you meet your soulmate?  

Soulmate guidance can be found through a Soulmate Psychic Reading or referring to a love psychic for guidance on timing for when you might meet your potential soulmate, or you may just want to question how you will be able to prepare for a soulmate to enter into your life.  Call or Chat with an online psychic at Zenory!